Monday, 10 December 2007

Fleetwood Mac - Fillmore West - 1970

Usually referred to as Peter Greens Fleetwood Mac these day's, the original Fleetwood Mac line up and era, remains my personal favorite.

By 1970, the band had released four albums, and had significant hit singles with Albatross and Black Magic Women.

However live they often kept closer to their blues, and blues - rock roots.

Sadly just four months after this concert Peter green left the band, as a result of his developing mental health problems.

This concert has some interesting inclusions (for example Twist and Shout, and Long Tall Sally) and shows what a superb act the original line up was.

This is a compelling performance from the original band. Much has been written about the turbulent history of all incarnations of Fleetwood Mac, however at the end of the day they are best judged against the music, and on this occasion, I think they give a pretty good account of themselves.

Enjoy then Fleetwood Mac, Live at Fillmore West, San Francisco, CA, on January 4th, 1970.

Set List:

01 Can't Stop Loving You (5.2MB)
02 Whole Lot Of Loving (6.9MB)
03 Got A Mind To Give Up Living (10.8MB)
04 Stop Messin' Round (7.3MB)
05 Loving Kind (3.5MB)
06 Baby Please Set A Date (4.3MB)
07 Rattlesnake Shake / Underway (27.3MB)
08 Oh Well (3.5MB)
09 Madison Blues (6.9MB)
10 Jenny Jenny (7.4MB)
11 Oh Susannah (788k)
12 Twist & Shout (5.2MB)
13 Long Tall Sally (11.6MB)

The sound quality is as good as you can expect from this era, and I think from an FM stereo radio broadcast.


Click HERE for a selection of Fleetwood Mac Cd's including those from the original band.

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Anonymous said...

thanks for another great gem - timo

gkapageridis said...

What can anyone say about the greatest british blues band. Peter green is a legent and his Mac were the best of them all. Enjoy and a big thank you for this excellent share

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Wow, that flameupload is busy with ads. My popup blocker or other security must be preventing it from doing anything but looping to the main DL page after skipping the ad. Can anyone share a direct link?

censusloss said...

Thanks BC for the re up God knows how I missed it the 1st time!
Live Mac from the Green Kirwan era is in short supply and I have never heard this one