OMD - Live in Glasgow 1983

Orchestral Manoeuvres in the Dark or OMD as they are more conveniently referred too, emerged from the Wirral Peninsula in the north west of England.

Their live debut was in October 1978, close to home in nearby Liverpool.

By the time this concert took place less than five years later, they had already notched up six top twenty singles and three top ten albums in the UK.

Not bad for a band, whose electronic and partly Kraftwerk influenced music, was often very different from the mainstream at that time.

In fairness founders Andy McCluskey and Paul Humphreys had an ear for a good tune, and with the likes of former Gong bassist Mike Howlett producing some of the material, they had every chance of the success they achieved.

When I first heard 'Messages' I was blown away, having been a fan of the likes of Germany's Can, Kraftwerk, and Amon Duul, at last an English band with enough personal originality was coming up with really classy electronic music, yep this band bring back fond musical memories for me.

Live the band are really good, a little more funky, with a closeness to the original songs, without allowing the technology to dampen a live concert buzz.

This recording of OMD is from The Glasgow Apollo, Glasgow, Scotland, recorded live on the 28th April 1983.

The set list is:

01 - Genetic Engineering (3:36)
02 - Messages (4:42)
03 - She's Leaving (4:05)
04 - Georgia (3:49)
05 - Julia's Song (4:44)
06 - Joan Of Arc (3:25)
07 - Maid Of Orleans (3:26)
08 - Romance Of The Telescope (3:29)
09 - Souvenir (3:42)
10 - Telegraph (3:48)
11 - Radio Waves (3:37)
12 - Bunker Soldiers (2:53)
13 - Enola Gay (4:20)
14 - Silent Running (4:05)

The sound quality is very good - an FM stereo recording.


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Anonymous said…
very nice choice; thank you.
Paul said…
Thank you a thousand times! One of my all-time favorite bands, especially the early stuf.
Fer said…
Hi !!! the links are not working , how could i get the concert? :(


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