Beehive Recommends - First Aid Kit

A quick update on one of my favorite new bands First Aid Kit.

The band are touring throughout August and have just launched their new website This Is First Aid Kit.

They are also recording and filming various covers following on from a very feisty version of Fleet Foxes 'Tiger Mountain Peasant Song' some months back.

You are invited to suggest songs for them to perform and can do this through their website.

So far covered are Buffy Sainte-Marie's classic 'Universal Soldier', Johnny Cash's 'Walk The Line' and most recent a version of Graham Nash's 'Simple Man'. All can be viewed and listened to over at their new site.


Tiger Mountain Peasant Song:


From the debut 'Drunken Trees' EP check out the excellent 'Cross Oceans'.

Finally if you are at an event that includes First Aid Kit on the bill, don't be surprised if they turn up elsewhere for an impromptu session this summer!


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