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The Wooden Sky undertook a month-long tour entitled “Bedrooms and Backstreets” in August, The Wooden Sky are now eager to share their experiences with audiences everywhere. With the help of producer and director Scott Cudmore, a documentary capturing the beautiful and strange reality behind the unconventional tour is being released in ten parts, with Part One & Two accessible now on

When the Wooden Sky embarked on their summer tour beginning in Guelph, Ontario on July 19th, they were ready for the excitement and uncertainty they’d be sure to face along the way. Avoiding traditional venues and performances, the band continuously pleased crowds while performing old favorites along with new tunes from their album “If I Don’t Come Home You’ll Know I’m Gone” (released on August 25th with Black Box Music/Fontana North). The documentary reveals personal insights of the Canadian musicians as they performed in unique locations, such as the hull of a boat, a canoe against rocky mountains in Banff, a gondola at the top of Whistler, and within a giant field of beautiful sunflowers.

Take a listen to the excellent 'Something Hiding For Us In The Night' from The Wooden Sky.

Something Hiding For Us In The Night

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Watch: A Documentary In Pieces.


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