Quality Not Quantity - A Little Bit Of This and That.

We are informed that - Seven-piece, New Orleans rock hybrids The Revivalists announced their upcoming studio offering, Men Amongst Mountains set for release on July 17th 2015 via Wind-up Records. The band, known for their enigmatic live shows, continue to tour across the country this summer, with a slew of upcoming dates and festival appearances, including two album release shows in NYC on July 15th and 16th at Bowery Ballroom and The Music Hall of Williamsburg.

We say The Revivalists are aptly so called, there is a depth to their music that is so rich. Funky and Soulful and yet Alt Rocking, a crazy mixture that simply put, works. More HERE.


MAYE has teamed up with Simon Field on a release, reworking Night Bus by Lucy Rose, resulting in an amazingly warm production with tastes of deep house and indie dance adding a very current feel still honouring the original. Can we tell you more? No, nothing like a little minimalism, that's all they told us, so that's enough. Excellent track though.


Their bio tells us - San Francisco based blues/indie rock trio Fritz Montana formed in early 2013 with the goal to create music that keeps your feet dancing and your head banging. Growing up as products of the Bay Area’s suburbs, three ambitious and passionate young men met on a whim and haven’t looked back since. With their minds set on proving that rock and roll isn’t dead.

All I will say is this band are natural blues rockers, engaging from the first riff, rock and roll has another pair of safe hands to bang your heads to.


The story goes - It’s not often you come across an artist that truly grabs you and takes hold. Emerging from the chaos of New York, Julietta shines through as a dramatic and heartfelt siren, like a warrior suited for battle. It's no wonder her music is able to tell such a captivating story; lyrics seamlessly turn to visuals as her voice articulates the narrative. A universally relative theme of love and loss is a huge part of Julietta’s context, and is something she wears on her sleeve. 

As I read the above words I wondered which direction this song would follow. Well in fairness, I was happily surprised, if you set the bar high you have a long way to fall, this one just soared away leaving some 'Goosebumps' as promised.


Finally we are informed - Brisbane 4-piece rock outfit The Bacchanales have been very busy for the past year, growing a dedicated fan base on the streets of Brisbane with their heavy and groove-laden 90-style rock. Since the release of their debut EP in 2014 they have been lucky enough to play with Holy Holy, Bad Dreems, Harts and The Belligerents, and now they are ready to release the first single 'Sandcastles' from their forthcoming sophomore EP.

What a band! The single is an edit from a nine minute track on the E.P. and it is gorgeous. It has been available for a week or so. I'm to old to get excited about forthcoming releases, what is this band trying to do to me, excitement at my age!



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