Todays Unashamed Plug - Paper Garden

Beehive Candy would like to take this opportunity to apologise for the following unashamed plug. Actually that's not strictly true. Paper Garden Records (PGR) have as some of you have no doubt spotted, been a source of some great music that has appeared on this site in recent years.

First of all, PGR have a series of free concerts in Brooklyn this July featuring - Salt Cathedral, Stranger Cat, Zongo Junction, The Love Supreme, Soul Khan, Deuce Ellis, Amani Fela, Arms and Emanuel and The Fear.

In addition to the concerts, there's a chance to listen to some of the acts, to check out just what so many of us will be missing out on! Oh well there will be some with smiling faces, so good for them eh?.

There's a real mixture here, Electronic, Funk/Soul/Jazz, Hip Hop and Indie Rock. I won't pretend everything is to my taste, however a lot is.

So no apologies, just some very fine music. You can find out more HERE.


Also one of our PGR favourites Pree, have a new video out featuring the song 'The Dog' from their recently released album RIMA. It's a fine song and a cheerful video.


Finally Little Tybee can also get in on the act. Their song 'For Distant Viewing' from 2013 remains a real favourite of mine and having not seen the video before lets add that to this spontaneous and very, very unashamed plug.



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