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Bee Live - Gigs, Sessions & More.

Curated and forever developing, this is Beehive Candy's selection of classic, historical and memorable performances, from an eclectic selection of artists.

In reality this is our indulgence, our trip down memory lane, hopefully sprinkled along the way with more current material.

2017: We have been neglecting Bee Live for a while, however hopefully we will breath some new life into it again this year. If you know of any absolute live gems on YouTube or anywhere else that allows us to embed the material on here, feel free to leave a comment at the bottom of the page.


Live and Learn - Apologies for the expletives, however Shirley Manson really does help expose the rampant hypocrisy, that is so much a part of the major music business today.


Sha Na Na - Live 1973 on Musikladen. ==== Some classic rock'n'roll as only Sha Na Na could deliver.


The Doors - Live at 'PBS Critique' - Full (1969). ===== This includes the interview midway through and a rather rambling introduction, and of course the band playing a few of their finest songs.


It's a Beautiful Day - Hot Summer Day and White Bird. ====== One of the most influencial bands of their time and superb both vocally and musically. Recorded Live: 7/7/1970 - Tanglewood - Lenox, MA.


Melanie - Lay Down ===== Live with The Edwin Hawkins Singers (1970) From Dutch TV, a show called Voord De Vuist Weg hosted by the late Willem Duys, great music lover and famous radio personality.


Madness - Live At House Of Common. ===== Live on Clapham Common, South London 2016.


 Lily Allen - Somewhere Only We Know - Live du Grand Journal (CANAL+ 2014).


The Stranglers - Rattus At The Roundhouse (4/11/07). ==== Thirty years to the night, The Stranglers return to play the Roundhouse London, blowing away the amassed throng with an incendiary performance. With songs from the original 1977 set list plus Specter of Love and Duchess for an encore.

01.No More Heroes 01:01
02.Ugly 04:39
03.Bring on the Nubiles 08:22
04.Dead Ringer 11:18
05.Sometimes 14:00
06.Dagenham Dave 18:51
07.Goodbye Toulouse 22:05
08.Hanging Around 25:35
09.5 Minutes 29:45
10.Bitching 33:24
11.Burning up Time 37:29
12.I Feel Like a Wog 39:53
12.Straighten Out 43:29
13.Something Better Change 46:21
14.London Lady 49:31
15.Peaches 52:10
16.Grip 56:19
17.Go Buddy Go 1:00:18
18.Specter of Love 1:05:10
19.Duchess 1:08:35


PJ Harvey - Down The Rabbit Hole, Full Concert. June 24th, 2016

From Vakantiepark De Groene Heuvels, Beuningen, Netherlands. As good as, if not better than her wonderful Glastonbury performance this year.

Set List:
01:47 Chain of Keys
07:26 The Ministry of Defence
11:43 The Community of Hope
14:25 The Orange Monkey
17:54 A Line in the Sand
22:00 Let England Shake
26:14 The Words That Maketh Murder
30:12 PJ shares John Donne's poem "No Man Is An Island"
31:58 The Glorious Land
35:52 Medicinals
39:07 When Under Ether
41:39 Dollar, Dollar
47:29 The Wheel
54:04 The Ministry of Social Affairs
58:03 50ft Queenie
1:00:43 Down by the Water
1:04:38 To Bring You My Love
1:12:12 River Anacostia


Van Morrison - Full Concert - 06/18/80 - Montreux.

When Beehive Candy was featuring rare bootlegs, we soon discovered that Van Morrison's official agents did not like it. In fairness to the Web Sheriff the take down notices were polite and reasonable, to a point we felt some sympathy for them, as it seemed like trying to stamp out a massive forest fire with your boots (pun intended). Seems Youtube have a different arrangement with The Fed's, ho hum...

0:00:00 - Wavelength
0:07:46 - Kingdom Hall
0:12:17 - And It Stoned Me
0:16:17 - Troubadours
0:22:16 - Spirit
0:31:30 - Joyous Sound
0:34:22 - Satisfied
0:41:47 - Ballerina
0:49:06 - Summertime in England
0:59:19 - Moondance
1:03:48 - Haunts of Ancient Peace
1:11:44 - Wild Night
1:15:14 - Listen To The Lion
1:22:31 - Tupelo Honey
1:30:49 - Angeliou


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