An Update From Beehive Candy

I am pleased to let you know that Mike the main person behind Beehive Candy is getting much better health wise.

A decision has been taken that we will not return until at least December and possibly early in 2024.

It has been incredibly encouraging to see the number of posts that have been viewed over the past few weeks, especially the new music we feature.

Thanks to each and everyone of you for your continued support!  


swappers said…
Good news and thanks for the update! Please give Mike all our best wishes for a speedy recovery and we send Good Vibes and are busy checking out the Beehive Candy back pages - take all the time that’s needed to fully recover compatriot in music! We’ll be here . . . . .
Little By Little indeed
dunny said…
Novo Management & Publicity wishes Mike a speedy recovery!