Bob Dylan and George Harrison - Studio Sessions 1970

Reloaded 02/June/2015 - This is another recording, that from what I can work out seems to have been circulated in different forms for many years. Since we originally ran this feature I came across some additional material with two extra songs, so I have added that version as well, as part two below. In addition to the original comments below, other sources have stated that this was very much a Bob Dylan session and George Harrison was an invited support player. Before the days of The Travelling Wilburys perhaps the various egos still jostled for superiority. Whatever the case it makes for a good listen. 

Bob Dylan and George Harrison are remembered for working together in The Traveling Wilburys in the late 1980's, and of course, Bob Dylan's guest appearance at George's 'Concert For Bangladesh' in 1971.

This session is from May 1970, when both artists were busy on solo projects.

Indeed Bob Dylan released two albums in 1970, 'Self Portrait' and 'New Morning', the latter proving far more popular with his critics.

George Harrison was of course working on 'All Things Must Pass' his legendary 'triple' album.

Bob Dylan co-wrote 'I'd Have You Anytime' with George Harrison, which appeared as the opening track on 'All Things Must Pass' (which also included a cover of Dylan's 'If Not For You').

These sessions may well have prompted or been a part of those developments, whatever the case, it is clear as you listen, that they were very comfortable with each other, and enjoying themselves.

This then is Bob Dylan and George Harrison's Studio Sessions at Columbia Studios B, New York, NY, on the 1st May 1970.


01 Ghost Riders In The Sky
02 Cupid
03 All I Have To Do Is Dream
04 Gates Of Eden
(05 I Threw It All Away - sorry - missing from this copy)
06 I Don't Believe You
07 Matchbox (Carl Perkins)
08 True Love
09 Telephone Line
10 Honey Just Allow Me One More Chance
11 Rainy Day Women #12 & 35
12 Song To Woody
13 Mama You Been On My Mind
14 Don't Think Twice (Instrumental)
15 Yesterday
16 Just Like Tom Thumb's Blues
17 Da Doo Ron Ron
18 One Too Many Mornings I
19 One Too Many Mornings II

Afternoon Studio Session:

Bob Dylan (guitar/piano/vocals),
George Harrison (guitar/vocals),
Charlie Daniels (Bass),
Alvin Rogers (Drums),
Al Kooper (guitar/piano),
Ron Cornelius (guitar)

Part Two:

This is a shorter set with some different songs that Beehive Candy came across after our we first ran this feature.

01 Song to Woody (Dylan)
02 Mama You've Been On My Mind (Dylan)
03 Yesterday (Lennon/McCartney)
04 Just Like Tom Thumb's Blues (Dylan)
05 Da Doo Ron Ron (Spector/Barry/Greenwich)
06 One Too Many Mornings (Dylan)
07 Everytime Somebody Comes To Town (Harrison)
08 I'd Have You Anytime (Dylan/Harrison)

Sound quality: extremely good (studio mix).

Reloaded - 02/June/2015 - download link in comments.


Gunboy 3 said…
I never knew this existed....Looking forward to hearing it
Timmy said…
Great, thanx so very much...
Anonymous said…
Thanks so much. I knew that they had sung together in the johnny cash sessions and I have a great version in a bootleg of them playing If Not For You (George Harrison version), but this is a revelation. Especially, All I Have To Do Is Dream. Thanks again.
Anonymous said…
i have listened to the version of these tapes that are on the "Almost went to see Elvis" bootleg and i firmly believe that the tape is mostly continous and that George Harrison Is on all the songs.
Beehive Candy said…
Download link:

Password: bigreup15-053#

Part Two:

Password: bigreup15-0531#

Reloaded - 02/June/2015

Beehive Candy
Anonymous said…
How are people opening these files on Macs? I can't find a single program that can open them with the password protection. Thanks for posting all of these, but for now they're just sitting on my hard drive and taunting me.
Anonymous said…
For opening the .7z-files on a Mac using a password, simply use StuffIt Expander (it’s free, just be sure it matches witch your OS).