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Caroline Blind - Ebony Buckle - Gaffa Tape Sandy - Colour Of The Jungle - Randall Bramblett - Stone Irr - Brooke Annibale

Caroline Blind shares a second track from her upcoming album with 'Need To Say'. Described as "dark and atmospheric" it's all of that and quite hypnotic as well. === Folk meets pop with 'Susan' by Ebony Buckle a delightfully quirky song that twists and turns both playfully and beautifully. === Our fourth feature for Gaffa Tape Sandy who have shared 'My Desperate House' a hook filled, full on garage rocker. === Five piece rock band Colour Of The Jungle have a fine song and message with 'Humblebee' a powerful and determined indie rock piece. === Randall Bramblett has released 'Vibrating Strings' ahead of the 10th anniversary release of his album 'The Meantime'. The new, deluxe edition of the album includes two previously unreleased bonus tracks from the original sessions including this gorgeous one. === Stone Irr has a new video for the single 'Fine With Me' a melodic and refreshing piece with fabulous vocal harmon

Madelline - Magnetic Skies - Gaffa Tape Sandy - Andrew Rinehart - Beat Circus - JW Ridley - Lucky 757

Madelline gives us her background to 'Ghost' just below, I would add it's a dreamy indie pop song and her vocals are beautifully soulful. We featured Magnetic Skies for the first time in January and they have followed up with 'I Am Your Friend' a smooth lush synth rock piece. With dual vocals and a feisty rock vibe Gaffa Tape Sandy have been getting plenty of attention and 'Headlight' is a good example of why. Andrew Rinehart's 'They Say' is accompanied by a very personal video, a wonderful companion for the nine minutes of absolutely gorgeous music. 'These Wicked Things' is the title track and one of fifteen songs on Beat Circus's new album, an epic collection of tracks as typified by the featured piece, a small glimpse of the whole. JW Riley has released the very impressive 'Homesick' where genres blend together, to create a mixture of rock sensibilities with a clear individual identity. Lucky 757 share some delicious rockab

Gaffa Tape Sandy - Mikey Collins - Polyplastic

Gaffa Tape Sandy - Meat Head. Background - Rising garage rockers Gaffa Tape Sandy launch their punishing new single Meat Head, building on their brand of high-octane, adrenaline-fuelled rock ‘n’ roll delivered with a vital message. “Meat Head was written as an attack on the type of mind-sets people harbour which involve believing that they somehow own or have the right to the body of another person”, the band stated. “The song is intended to be a pointed finger, an accusation and a vexed comment aimed towards reckless attitudes that exacerbate rape culture. It’s a topic we feel strongly about, and so wanted to perform with passion and indignation”. With drummer Robin Francis’ viciously executed pre-choruses and bassist Catherine Lindley-Neilson’s fierce vocal delivery, the subject of the song can be widely felt within the performance just as much as the lyrics, adding to the wave of momentum surrounding the trio heading into the summer months. One of NME’s 100 Essential Acts for 2

On The Wane - Indytronics - Marble Mammoth - Hoult - Ali Horn - Gaffa Tape Sandy

On The Wane - Human Race. Background - Oscillating between dream gaze and power gaze fusion, Ukraine’s On The Wane brings us their new full album 'Schism', slated for release on November 20, preceded by the first single 'Human Race'. On the Wane is Daria Maksimova (bass, vocals), Anna Lyashok (drums, vocals), Eugene Voitov (guitar, synth), and Eli Demyanenko (guitar). Together, the four-piece have become a smooth cohesive force in the shoegaze, neo-gothic and noise rock realm. "Mankind as a race is quite an absurd thing. We strive to survive but we are killing ourselves. We're beautiful and ugly,  lovely and cruel but, anyway, we are not infinite," says Daria Maksimova on this lead track. In early 2017, the band recorded the 10 tracks that would become the full-length album'Schism' at the studio of the Kyiv-based band Sinoptik (winners of the worldwide music competition Global Battle of the Bands 2016) and under the direction of sound engi