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Sister John - Threatmantics - Shapes On Tape - The Wild State - The Limiñanas - Trudy and the Romance - Yacht Punk

Sister John may be drawing some interesting comparisons however the new single has plenty of individuality and the video is fabulous. The new single from Threatmantics is refreshingly original with distinct vocals and a superb musical arrangement. We featured Shapes on Tape three times last year and the new song is another hook fuelled affair to enjoy. The Wild State offer a breezy and infectious indie rocker that doubles as a massive tease for their forthcoming album. The Limiñanas exude psych that is addictive, intriguing and atmospheric. Although we have to go back to 2017 for our last taste of Trudy and The Romance, the new song is yet another delicious "mutant 50's pop" song demonstrating the bands modern take on retro sounds superbly. We finish up today with Yacht Punk where some beautiful guitar sounds and refined rock vocals make this song hard to resist. Sister John - I'm The One. Sister John formed in somewhat serendipitous circumstances, having all m

The Limiñanas - Jacob Thomas Jr. - Fever High

The Limiñanas - Shadow People (feat. Emmanuelle Seigner). Background - French psych duo The Limiñanas have released a new track taken from their ‘Istanbul Is Sleepy’ EP out 17th November. Featuring acclaimed French accress Emmanuelle Seigner, 'Shadow People' was recorded in The Limiñanas' home studio in the South of France, and finished at The Brian Jonestown Massacre's Anton Newcombe's studio in Berlin. Lionel from the band explains: "The shadow people are an American myth, they are described as furtive apparitions, comparable to ghosts observable from the corner of the eye. These "spirits" accompany throughout your all life, a sort of paranormal glue stuck to you... Emmanuelle came to visit us in the South of France, and we asked her to sing "Shadow People" with Renaud Picard, the singer from Hair and the Iotas. We recorded it in just a few minutes over an afternoon...". Emmanuelle Seigner added: "A friend introduced me to The

The Fluids - Coyote Run - Jenn Vix - The Limiñanas

The Fluids - Sign N' Drive. Background -  “Sign N’ Drive” is the frenetic and addictive second single that The Fluids have shared from their forthcoming debut album No Kidding! (out October 27th via Axis Mundi Records. Self-proclaimed as America’s Newest Band™, The Fluids were introduced to the world earlier this month with their undeniable, critically-acclaimed debut single “Creatures”, which the New York Times said "...vibrates with the giddy energy of the city’s early-2000s rock scene — the sound is tight, the vibe is loose, the singer’s accent is adopted.” With their debut full-length, No Kidding! flying high as their banner, The Fluids are storming the front lines of cultural trendsetting with ripping guitar solos and saddlebags filled with tequila sodas, calamari, and what they claim to be the best pot in the city (based on how great this album is, I’m inclined to believe them?!). The band has drawn apt comparisons to everyone from the Talking Heads and Berlin-e