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Bootleg Originals Part Seven - King Crimson - San Francisco 1969

Reloaded 05/May/2015  King Crimson made their live debut on April 9th, 1969. They became widely known three months later, by playing at the free concert in Hyde Park, London, staged by The Rolling Stones in July 1969, before 650,000 people. The first King Crimson album, In the Court of the Crimson King was released in October 1969 . Among those impressed by the album was Pete Townshend from The Who, who described the album "as an uncanny masterpiece." King Crimson (along with quite a few other bands) have been credited as the founders of progressive rock - I am never really sure if that is a good thing! This is King Crimson live at The Fillmore West, San Francisco, on the 14th of December 1969. King Crimson were the opening act at the Fillmore West on this particular night, providing support for The Chambers Brothers and The Nice. Not only was this the final night of King Crimson's first U.S. tour, it was also the last concert played by the original lineup. Se