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Meres - Sunny Gable - Yazymyn Hendrix - Smoke Fairies - The Big Peach

I realise that today we have more Spotify embeds than usual, so apologies if you don't use their service, this really is just a coincidence. Meres new single 'Cut' is a straight down the line rocker with punchy guitars and her totally rock & roll vocals. === Sunny Gable today releases 'Audience Of One' an album with traditional Americana vibes running throughout, her vocals adding real personal feeling to some beautifully arranged songs, and we have included a video for a solo performance of the opening song. === We have the new single 'Be Me' from Yazymyn Hendrix along with a video for a live looping performance of another song 'Better Days'. The single is melodic, soulful and creative and the live video is both fun and impressive. === A new video from Smoke Fairies was released today entitled 'Disconnect' the duo carve out a distinct alt rock sound with plenty of hooks along the way. === The Big Peach have just shared 'Run and H

Princess Chelsea - Meres

Princess Chelsea - Wasting Time. Background - New Zealand subversive pop artist Princess Chelsea (Chelsea Nikkel) shares the second single "Wasting Time" from her forthcoming fourth studio album The Loneliest Girl, due out on 7 September via Lil' Chief.  The album examines the loneliness and ultimately the artistic satisfaction a strong work ethic can bring, the result of which is this eclectic collection of pop songs. The Loneliest Girl captures moments of inspiration and madness, with lyrics that show Chelsea isn't afraid to ask the deeper questions while still maintaining a playful nature about it all.  "I can’t be bothered with subscribing to any kind of 'sound,'" Chelsea says. That becomes evident upon listening to "Wasting Time," a pop culture puzzle, sonically speaking. The song has influences of early Madonna melded with 1960s Brian Wilson that Chelsea peppers with kitschy Yamaha DX7 synths, trombone, and a choir.  The music