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Good Wilson - Jesse D'Kora

Good Wilson - Bats From The Buffet. Good Wilson remain true to their signature vibe on their new track "Bats from the Buffet": feelgood soundtrack meets serious self-irony. The single is about an honest reflection of the "Butterfly Effect," the infectious madness that defines the third decade of the 21st century.  The song is thus a contemporary document of the previous years, but at the same time a statement, a heartfelt "Foff" to all idiotisms. In "Bats From The Buffet" Good Wilson have processed pent-up frustrations, caused by inequalities, injustice, fake news, egocentrism and unsolidarity. So, all those qualities and things that the pandemic has brought to light. Packaged in a soft, tongue-in-cheek indie-pop track, "Bats From The Buffet" is meant to remind you that it's okay to be angry sometimes. ========================================================================== Jesse D'Kora - You might not be. Jesse D’Kora makes

AM Clouds - Inbetween Movies - Proud Creature - Good Wilson - Elrichman

Last month AM Clouds released their 'Rainmaker' album, we shared 'Tune Me In' from it, now this very fine indie rock (and more) band have shared a video for the title track. === We have already featured the first two singles from the debut E.P and now we have the full collection as Inbetween Movies today release 'Temporary Music For The Masses' where their mixture of dream pop and atmospheric shoegaze is magnificent. === Proud Creature has just shared his 'Opening Creature E.P' from which we have 'Eastern Lines' and 'Pines', expect anything from ambient to psychedelic and jazz, all superbly delivered. === Good Wilson self titled album 'Good Wilson' is released today. The band describe their music as Sky Gaze or dream pop for staring at the sky letting your mind drift off, it's a good description for what is an exceptional album. === Elrichman shares 'I Mostly Consume' which is a vibrant sophisti-pop song, that exud