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Melody - Amaroun - Cat Princess - Grace Gillespie

Melody was raised in a musical family and at sixteen years of age her new song 'Room 111' clearly demonstrates the fruit-age of that environment, with this gorgeous singer songwriter song. === Amaroun makes her third appearance on Beehive Candy with 'Rise' and once again this talented artist develops a unique and rich musical piece. === It's been a year since we last shared some music from Cat Princess however they are back with a cover version of 'These Boots Are Made For Walkin' where they notably put their own stamp on it. === Grace Gillespie returns with her latest single 'HUH' and again she is consistently creative and just wonderful to listen too. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Melody - Room 111. Melody recently announced she will release a new EP called Teachers Pet on June 12th via Lauren Records, and she's back with a new track. Melody Caudill is a 16 year old singe

Holly Redford Jones - Cat Princess

Just a couple of artists today starting with Holly Redford Jones and her superb new song 'Bonjour Madame', a sultry country rocker with plenty of feeling. It's our third feature for Cat Princess this year as their good humoured new song 'Rocko's Theme' takes us on a journey into some cinema day's of the eighties. Holly Redford Jones - Bonjour Madame. London-based songwriter Holly Redford Jones just released the slow-burner country-rock single "Bonjour Madame." The track displays Redford-Jones' toughness and grit, telling the narrative of the "every-woman" just trying to get by. Holly Redford Jones defies convention and expectation. Raised in Chesterfield, UK, to a non-musical family, she began playing guitar at age 11. Redford-Jones attended her local high school and struggled to keep up in class due to dyslexia (she really did quit that French GCSE). Nonetheless, she went on to study Philosophy, Politics and Economics at the

Luvia - Cat Princess - Jaws - Deliluh - Charlotte Cornfield - Far Caspian - Eli Raybon

I needed a little break and a whole load of great tunes turn up, so once again I am playing catch up. Not that I'm complaining with songs like 'Hunted' from Luvia, it kind of makes it a pleasure. Cat Princess return with 'Silver Socks', this band are really impressing Beehive Candy right now! Jaws have released 'Please Be Kind' and I will, it's one fabulous song ahead of their album due next week. Deliluh are something else as 'Freeloader Feast' demonstrates, this is an imaginative and addictive rocker. Charlotte Cornfield's 'Silver Civic' is a beautiful singer-songwriter piece that exudes real personal emotion. We featured Far Caspian three times last year and 'A Dream Of You' is just wonderful, leaving me looking forward to hearing more again. Eli Raybon is described as a sci-fi weirdo auteur and that's from his promo, that said give him a listen, it starts to makes sense. Luvia - Hunted. Brighton’s Luvia is back

Cat Princess - Guest Directors - Charlotte Cornfield

Cat Princess serve up a funky and vibrant slice of art rock with some dance along vibes for good measure. Guest Directors new E.P. covers a few rock genre bases, the bands musicianship is noteworthy, as their versatile material demonstrates. Charlotte Cornfield's 'Storm Cloud' is gorgeous, her vocals are beautiful, the lyrics intrigue, and the catchy nature of this song ensures a good few listens are likely. Cat Princess - Sweet. Uppsala quintet Cat Princess formed at a New Year's party and debuted only days after playing at guitarist Robin's birthday party. Singer Nils joined the gang after drummer Victor claimed Nils was "a diamond in the rough" of a front-man. Just as spontaneous as the band's birth are their music. Today the catchy Sweet is released, "an ode to the endless pursuit of peace" and the first single from Cat Princess' long-awaited debut album Forbidden Items. Sweet comes a year after their last single, the retro b

Cat Princess - The Crowleys

Cat Princess - Fly on Your Wall. Background - Having formed at a New Year’s Eve party and debuted live days later, it’s fair to say Swedish quintet Cat Princess don’t conform to the usual status quo, and in new retro banger Fly On Your Wall (released this week via Rama Lama Records), their combination of modern indie pop and 80’s inspired art-pop really backs up that theory. Providing a fine representation of the band’s live intensity and their uniquely flavoured sound, the band’s new release spotlights frontman Nils Krång's thrilling and almost psychotic vocals alongside their fusion of influences and shows exactly why they’ve already shared bills with acts including Cloud Nothings, Pale Honey and Magic Potion. If that’s not enough, the single is accompanied with an eye-catching stop motion hand-drawn video made by bassist Isabelle Friberg which besides the band and friends features characters like Newman from Seinfield. Discussing the release, drummer Victor Klint states: “It’