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Native Harrow - The A.M.s - Brenda Carsey - Land Of Pure - The Darts

Native Harrow - Old Kind Of Magic (New Album). We are delighted to share the title track 'Old Kind of Magic', leading the way on the fifth long player from Native Harrow (their third for prestigious London based label, Loose). The album is described as "a sojourn on their passage between two lands; a luxuriant and fecund annunciation." Beehive Candy have featured them before and we were really impressed back then. Now we are blown away by the new collection of songs, both beautiful, thoughtful and wonderfully natural.   In the first days of 2021, the band known as Native Harrow landed seaside in Brighton, England. Its leaders, Stephen Harms and Devin Tuel, arrived with a few trunks worth of books, clothes, guitars, and microphones. Settling in at the very top of a crumbling regency building where the seagulls call to the sun's rise and fall each day, they thought “this is the perfect place to make a record.” Immersing themselves in a new place filled with unfamil

Native Harrow - Eil Marchini - The Hengles - The Navettes

Native Harrow returns to Beehive Candy with a third song this year and an intriguing video to accompany it. The nom de plume of singer-songwriter Devin Tuel, Native Harrow has some accomplished creative talent, the latest song at just under seven minutes length, I would argue, confirms that opinion even further. 'Magpies On Acid' now there's a thought, and Eil Marchini 's new piece with that colourful title, is fast paced as the layers of music intertwine with each other in what is a fabulous and epic arrangement. The Hengles have released (I Dream Of) Jeannie (also a sixties TV show that still has re-runs in the UK) and this song has some timeless vibes that could be from that era, the bands melodic and refined pop is extremely catchy. The Navettes from Manchester in the UK have released the song 'Asleep' a vibrant synth pop track that has charmed it's way into my world, and the delightful back story somehow makes it even more pleasing. -----------

Native Harrow - Silverbacks

Native Harrow new song 'Something You Have' has something of a blues feel to it musically, the vocals add additional melody and some heartfelt beauty. Silverbacks make their third appearance on Beehive Candy with 'Pink Tide' where a chunky rhythm supports some semi spoken vocals as the bands notable style of rock continues to impress. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Native Harrow - Something You Have. Devin Tuel may consider herself to be an artist meant for a different time but the singer-songwriter, residing in rural Pennsylvania, now finds herself inhabiting her own true place as she shares the first single from her debut Loose album Happier Now released under her nom de plume, Native Harrow. Speaking about the single, singer and composer Devin Tuel says Something You Have is written "about a relationship where there is an unbalanced amount of focus on one pers

Native Harrow - Benedict Benjamin - Alice Phoebe Lou - Lowland Hum - Grace Acladna - Kuri

We begin today with Native Harrow and her gorgeous new video for 'Happier Now' a superb and natural indie folk song. Benedict Benjamin share's a fresh and unpretentious rocker with the emphasis on melodic hooks and an upbeat pace. At the time of writing this, Alice Phoebe Lou's new video for 'Galaxies' has already had close to forty thousand views, which is unsurprising, both the song and the video are sublime and totally moreish. We have featured Lowland Hum just once before and they are more than welcome back with this subtle and catchy albeit rather short modern folk song. Grace Acladna mixes quite differing genres together in style, in what is a very pleasing, original and refreshing song. We finish today's round up with Kuri and an original sounding and catchy folk based song, I say 'based' as it morphs comfortably beyond that genre, sounding really good as it does so. Native Harrow - Happier Now. Indie folk-pop artist Native Harrow, out