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Gotts Street Park feat Pip Millett - Sabina Chantouria - Mirrorball - Annie Bartholomew

Gotts Street Park - 'Got To Be Good' feat. Pip Millett. For new listeners and latecomers there has been no handier introduction to Leeds collective Gotts Street Park than their recent run of releases. Singles "Lost & Found" ft. Charlotte Dos Santos, "Summer Breeze" ft. Rosie Lowe and their 2021 four-track EP Diego are a musical suite of songs that drill into the nucleus of GSP. Now focused on 2023, Gotts Street Park announce their highly anticipated debut album On The Inside released October 13 via Blue Flowers, alongside sharing new single "Got To Be Good". With their effortless blend of vintage soul meets alt-R&B, "Got To Be Good" is enlivened by Pip Millett’s raw and impassioned vocal. A union from its early notes that submerges listeners into another cinematic Gotts Street Park experience as Millett’s voice voyages over seamless grooves of reel-to-reel keys, guitars and snares. Talking about their union and new single, Gotts