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2 by bukowski feat: Kid Moxie - J.D. King - Stag - Evan Klar

2 by bukowski feat. Kid Moxie - Hot Summer. Background - Let's go back in a time for a bit, before 2 by bukowski had a name, before the Wire Nightmare, before even the infamous “Practice Session 0” at Studio N between George, John and Nik.   It was sometime in 1996 and a band called Tiger had released a single called "My Puppet Pal". George had just bought the record and brought it over to John's place to listen to. The single came with a sticker of its cover which George gave to John who stuck it on his white Aria bass. For that reason that bass has since been and is still known as The Tiger. At some point, after having used it on several 2bb recordings, John upgraded his bass and gave The Tiger to Achilles who was cheap and would take whatever you gave him.   A few years down the line Achilles passed The Tiger on to his cousin. The cousin eventually moved to L.A. and became the very keen musician Kid Moxie, all thanks to The Tiger's magical powers. It'