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Wynnm - KEYS - Lady Dan

Wynnm first came across our radar back in February with 'Fire On The Moon' which we described as "a gentle and melodic song with fabulous vocals above a restrained musical backdrop" and with the new song 'The Morning' it's a case of "have some more". === KEYS were here last month and return with another fine track entitled 'Phases' which exudes some retro pop and rock vibes, something these folk are very good at. ===  Lady Dan shares 'Facta, Non Verba' today and its a highly addictive song, with a subtle musical arrangement that adds layers along the way supporting her gorgeous vocals. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Wynnm - The Morning. Wynnm’s quicksilver sound is an elegant amalgamation of smooth folk and vital bass. Her music emerges from the dusty mirages of Arizona and the private mountains of Idaho and cycles to the electronic beats of her current residency in

The Jayhawks - The Commander In Chief - Lara Taubman - Ci Gofod - KEYS

The Jayhawks have released their album XOXO today and taken from it we have the new single 'Bitter Pill' with the bands thirty year track record of creating great music remaining easily intact. === We featured The Commander In Chief in May with two songs 'Non Si Sa Mai' and 'The Manager' both taken from her brand new album 'Berit Vol.2' which is released this week, she also shared 'The Lockdown' recently which is another example of The Commanders exceptional talent. === From New York we have a new album 'Revelation' by Outlaw Folk Americana Musician Lara Taubman it's streaming in full below and put simply it's a gorgeous collection of wonderful songs. === Ci Gofod shared 'TV Screens' today and it's accompanied with a fine video that does justice to this very catchy song. === We featured KEYS twice last year and now have their new single 'This Side Of Luv' to enjoy, described by the band as an "attemp

The Dockers - John Tiller - KEYS

From Sydney, Australia we have The Dockers with their new song 'Fake It', described as "cheeky and cheerful" it's also bright and rather catchy. === With earnest and gritty vocals  John Tiller delivers 'Battle Ready' with plenty of passion, his folk, Americana or whatever other tag might describe best, is beautifully produced. === Back in April we shared 'Black and White' from KEYS who return this week with 'Bad Penny' just ahead of a new album release. This time we have a gentler, psychedelic and dreamy piece with gorgeous vibes throughout. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ The Dockers - Fake It. Party-starting rogues, The Dockers are excited to release their follow up single Fake It. A single for care-free wiggling and late night grinning. Cheeky and cheerful, Fake It implores you to let go and just dance, the loose flow and jaunty rhythms are a wink and a nod to the gleef

Grizzly Coast - KEYS - William Steffey - Super Paradise - Candy Says

Grizzly Coast shares a personal yet resolute song that engages from the opening notes. KEYS gutsy rock and roll is to the point and wonderfully stripped back on 'Black and White'. The album 'Reality Jockey' by William Steffey is presented in full below, as he takes us on an impressive musical trip across genres and styles. '6:30' from Super Paradise is a whirlwind of instrumental garage rock interspersed with electronic moments (yep you'll have to listen). Candy Says electro pop has a moody feel on 'Gravity' as it's intricacy and hooks work wonders. Grizzly Coast - Half-Light Boy. My new single, “Half-Light Boy,” is about the sobering realization that not every person you encounter will have the same heart as you. Someone else’s lack of care for you is often due to something lacking in them – it is never an expression of what you deserve. I was walking home from the grocery store one evening, lugging way too many bags for one girl to carr