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Tourists - Another Sky - Lilikoi - Are We Static - Linda Campbell

Tourists are from Torquay, England and with a new record contract they have shared 'Lego Man' a refined dream pop piece with some shoegaze vibes adding depth. ===Just a month ago we featured  'Fell In Love With The City' by Another Sky they are back with 'All Ends' which is another sophisticated and beautiful track. === Lilikoi are a Psychedelic Dream Pop band from London whose latest release is 'SOS' and it's a dreamy, relaxed and melodic piece. === From Wigan, England we have Are We Static and the first taste of their sophomore LP, 'Accepting The Universe' which is 'The Godfather' a distinct and impressive indie rocker. === We have the full album from Linda Campbell which is entitled 'My Geography' comprising of twelve original songs, it's a feast of fabulous music, the write up below gives an idea of the class and quality you can expect. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------