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Power & Punk: Mad Anthony - Hound.

Mad Anthony - Haunt Me feat. Tom Pappas of Superdrag. Background promo - The ferocious three-piece, Mad Anthony are about to live up to their name, as long as you subscribe to the commonwealth definition of "mad". Expelling the antiquated and tired traditional album cycle, these three lunatics decided, after being excited by all their work and collaborations, that they will release a brand new song every week... for 52 weeks. The Mad Anthology is a culmination of everything that the band has ever accomplished and envisioned. The project involves dozens of friends, producers, colleagues, peers, and collaborators from all over the continent. The daunting undertaking, although created out of an avalanche of excitement and content, is an interesting business move that screams "2016"; an era in the music business where the public are less and less interested in the traditional cycle of releasing a long player and then waiting potentially years to hear another. That