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Fletcher Gull - Darrin Bradbury - The Needs - Moddi

Fletcher Gull has shared a beautiful song entitled 'Hypothermia'. A personal account of enduring in sub zero temperatures, if you excuse the well intentioned pun, this song exudes warmth and feeling. We featured the title track from his forthcoming album earlier this month, however Darrin Bradbury is more than welcome back with another taster called 'Breakfast', where once again his lovable humour and observations are very engaging. The Needs latest single 'Hey Wake Up' is a smooth and pleasing indie pop track and a fine indicator for their debut album due out early next month. Our fourth feature for Moddi is the enchanting 'New Dawn'. Moddi produces modern folk of the highest calibre, his passion and commitment is second to none and the beauty of his music is quite stunning. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Fletcher Gull - Hypothermia. When one life ends another has already happe

Moddi - The Maes - Eleri Angharad - Elisa Kate

Last summer Beehive Candy were mightily impressed by Moddi's 'Unsongs' album, and it is with absolute pleasure that we share his new single 'Kriegspiel'. The Maes style of contemporary folk reminds me in part of Kate and Anna McGarrigle, and if that's not a compliment, what is?  Eleri Angharad vocals are a delight as are her songs, the two included below being our case in point. From Australia we have Elisa Kate, another singer-songwriter with that something extra, that sets her music apart. Moddi - Kriegspiel. Pål Moddi Knutsen reflects on the influence that previous album ‘Unsongs’ had on the new single; “through the work on Unsongs, I learned that when someone wants you to shut up about something, it is usually something important that they’re trying to hide. Therefore, I wrote this song not only to Frode Berg, but to all who become victims of the politics shadow play”  ‘Kriegspiel’ was originally written in connection with the performance artist Mort

Moddi - Unsongs (Album).

Moddi - A Matter Of Habit. Background promo - “Learning to kill is a matter of habit, the more you have done it the better you’re at it… They’re just objects and shadows, not women and men. Learning to kill is a natural thing.” It’s a lyric that carries as much weight today as it did in 2012, when the song was prohibited from play on Israeli Army radio station Galatz. Penned by author Alona Kimhi – on account of first-hand testimonies from West Bank IDF soldiers – and performed by Izhar Ashdot, ‘A Matter Of Habit’ is the latest track reworked by Norwegian singer/songwriter MODDI on forthcoming album ‘Unsongs’. In the case of ‘A Matter Of Habit’, Galatz justified the ban saying: “we should avoid celebrating a song that demonizes our soldiers”. However, delve a little deeper and the focus shifts to wider moral perspectives. “A Matter of Habit may have been written about a particular conflict, but it carries a universal message: that anyone can become an oppressor,” Moddi explains. “It

Quality Not Quantity: Febria - Moddi - Brother Hawk

Febria - The End Of Something. Background promo - Febria is a five-piece alternative rock band washed up on the banks of the river Usk. Originally formed in high school in Pontypool, and influenced by everything from prog, metal, grunge, indie and folk, they have recorded several EPs and a full-length live album, and have played many gigs around South Wales and the UK. Their music reflects a wide range of influences, varying from acoustic folk all the way through to dense prog, and they are proud of not easily fitting into one particular genre as a result. Their latest EP, 'The Sea Around Us', is their fifth recording, and they are currently working on their next release.   This EP represents an evolution in sound, carrying even further the complexity and rejection of traditional structure already shown in some of their previous releases adding multiple layers of vocals and guitars. One of the approaches to the songs was the idea of writing music which sounds like math/pos