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Smoke Fairies - Brudini - The Shacks - Chelsea Williams - Kluster B

Smoke Fairies have just released a new track entitled 'No Matter How This Goes, Just Make Sure That You're Kind', we've already featured three songs from their recent album and this one is another spectacular piece. === Brudini returns with 'Radiant Man' which is a beautiful calm singer-songwriter piece. === Retro indie rockers The Shacks released 'Wings' and it opens as an understated song before adding more melodic layers. === Los Angeles artist Chelsea Williams new song is 'Wasted' which is an upbeat and hook filled track with bags of charm. === So far this year we have shared three songs from Kluster B new album 'b' and it's a pleasure to now share the full collection that has just been released. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Smoke Fairies - No Matter How This Goes, Just Make Sure That You're Kind. Smoke Fairies (Jessica Davies & Katherine Blamire) h

Kristina Stykos - Brudini - Ted Z and The Wranglers - Ben Watt

Kristina Stykos has released a new album entitled 'River Of Light'. The country/folk singer has delivered a superb collection of material where the lyrics take you on a variety of journeys. The music can be gritty, stripped back or warm and exuding Americana rock styles, what remains at the centre is Kristina's unique vocals that convey emotion, determination and more, and the comparison to Patti Smith is a fair one albeit more regarding the delivery than the sound. With thirteen songs this really is a musical feast to enjoy. We have to go back over two years for our only other feature for Brudini that said, the new song 'Pale Gold' adds credence to the old cliche "it was well worth the wait". The musical arrangement is simply wonderful and Brudini has distinct and captivating vocals, put simply I can't wait for the November album release.   Ted Z and The Wranglers return just weeks after our first taste of the bands music with new song 'Corner

Kylypso - Brudini - Marlene Enright

Kylypso - Blame Love. Background - Evolving from a two-piece to a three-piece, East London’s Kylypso are comprised of recent addition Hugh Fothergill, a record producer; Rudi Falla, Ableton set designer; and Tom Greenwood, a session musician. Initially the project started as Rudi and Tom sent ideas back and forth between each other to jam on and flesh out. The resounding success of their collaborations prompted them to form a band.  Their first track, last year’s 'Means 2 You' was a firm and striking statement of intent, combining pop melodies with a mesmerising production approach that takes in ideas from a broad spectrum of popular music. It caused a respectable ripple in the blogosphere, leaving those in the know with a strong sense that their natural musical chemistry together was something special. Now, with new material like latest single ‘Blame Love’ on the way, Kylypso sound like they’ve already arrived fully formed and leagues apart from the herd without compromis