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Nick Drake - Time Has Told Me

The 2007 official release of 'Family Tree' has at last delivered some of Nick Drake' s home recordings in very good quality condition. Some of the tracks on this boot 'Time Has Told Me' appear on the official release, and the re-mastering is notable. So the message is simple, get hold of a copy of 'Family Tree'. However for those of you in search of more, 'Time Has Told Me', is a superb collection. Originally surfacing as a three album vinyl release, and then a two CD version, 'Time Has Told Me' contains good audio quality material, predominately home recordings, of which many are covers of artists songs. The sheer volume of material, and the historical value of hearing Nick developing prior to his first album release, is of significant value to those who love his music. Track listing as on the vinyl album collection is: Side A (Disc.1) : A1. Get Together (Dino Valente) A2. Been Smoking Too Long (Robin Frederick) A3. Don

Nick Drake - Second Grace

I do not intend to write about Nick Drake here, except to echo the common view held by so many, who have come across his music down the years, of 'what could have been' . His short life is well documented HERE , and I would only end up copy and pasting excerpts, so spend a few minutes at Wikipedia if you choose. His three studio albums remain firm favorites of mine, and fall into that very special 'timeless' category. The unofficial releases of Nick Drake tend to be demo's and home recordings, as is the case of 'Second Grace'. Bootlegs in circulation include 'Tamworth-In-Arden', 'Complete Home Recordings' and variations on that theme. Second Grace has appeared in at least three different forms, this version is originally from a 25 track CD circulated by 'Mirrorglass Music'. These are home recordings probably at Tamworth and possibly Hampstead, and cover all three album releases in part, along with some unreleased tracks