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The Corrs - Sopot Festival Poland 1998

This is The Corrs live at The Sopot Festival in Poland back on the 21st August 1998. The band have been on hiatus since 2006, as raising families and personal aspirations understandably take priority. Having seen them live a couple of times, this performance is a fine representation of their excellent musicianship and harmonies. The Corrs are one of those bands that make what they do seem so easy, however years of practice lay behind their superb performances. With the encouragement of their parents, Jim took guitar lessons, Sharon played the violin and Andrea took up the tin whistle. Caroline did not learn to play the drums until she was 17 and was helped by a boyfriend at the time. They were all taught the piano by their father. Throughout their teenage years the children practised in Jim's bedroom at a rented house. Andrea sang lead vocals, Sharon played the violin, and Caroline and Jim played the keyboards. Source: TV Broadcast (audio rip). Sound Quality: Very go