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Two Good Ones: Liam Hudson - Kråkesølv

Liam Hudson - You'll Be Fine. Background promo - Liam Hudson started writing music from a young age, but didn't begin to hone his skills till his mid-teens when he started writing Jazz, and Baroque and Movie style compositions. Through this time he was heavily inspired by the works of Jazz artists like Dave Brubeck, Bob Mintzer, Ray Charles and composers like Bach, Hans Zimmer, and John Williams. After finishing school, Liam started learning electronic production and recording, writing and recording entirely from his bedroom. The song ‘You’ll Be Fine’ was written, recorded, and produced all at Liam Hudson’s home. The song came about after a break-up, when Liam’s friends were supporting him, telling him that he will be fine, and everything works out. The song discusses how just because you know everything will be fine in the end, it doesn't make the sadness any easier while you're in that place: “It’s all good to say it'll be fine. Don't tell me what happene