deux furieuses - Walrus - Mieko Shimizu - The Naked Sun

deux furieuses are back for a third time this year with 'My War Is Your War'. Once again the duo are impressive, the subject matter is conveyed with suitable darkness and a sense of brooding passion.

Garage psych band Walrus have just released 'Half Smoke' where the video matches the song, and the unpretentious rock vibes are just right.

Mieko Shimizu shares a highly creative and imaginative song entitled 'Me My Ghost'. Described as avante-garde electronica, it's all of that and gently but most definitely addictive. 

The Naked Sun new single 'Secret We Don't Know' exudes roots rock beauty, the band describe their music as honest rock, a definition that makes honest sense, they are also honestly talented in their craft.

deux furieuses - My War Is Your War.

deux furieuses return with ‘My War is Your War’, the third single to be released from their forthcomin…

Sofia Härdig - Hazel Mei - Anna Farrow - B.Knox

Sofia Härdig has shared a new song entitled 'Infatuation'. We've had the pleasure of featuring Sofia a few times since 2016, her feisty and passionate rock always stands out, and with a new album on the way (The Big Hush) it's a welcome return for this energised rocker.

From Hazel Mei we have 'It Is(n't) Real' a highly desirable indie folk song. There is a little hint of jazz and indie rock in the mix which gives the piece some real edge as do the musical hooks.

Franco-Brittanic (that's French-English - but you know that) artist Anna Farrow has just released a video for 'Boys & Girls'. It's a vibrant pop song and charming video, I am guessing the original promo was written in "Franco" and even with a little spell checking by us, it still brings a smile to my face.

B.Knox has a new single 'Corners' which includes the B side 'Stars and Burnt Bridges'. His vocals are just perfect for old time roots music right throu…

Annabel Allum - Wojtek the bear - Frankiie - The Channel - The Switch

Yep we are featuring Annabel Allum again, this time we have the brand new E.P 'Gravel Not The Grave'. We have already featured three songs from the collection and a couple of days ago she added 'Baby Berlin' as another separate release, anyhow it's good to have the full E.P. from this very talented multi-genre artist.

Wojtek the bear have been featured here in the past and today's release 'slow tv' is a splendid and upbeat pop song where the musical arrangement and vocals are oh so refreshing.

Frankiie return for a third time on Beehive Candy with 'Funny Feelings' and once again their mixture of indie dream rock is notable to say the least, this time there are some surf vibes thrown in for good measure and the hooks are everywhere.

We have the new single 'Days Ind' from The Channel a family band where the music might be produced between work and looking after their young ones, however they create some absolutely charming and extremely prof…

Katie Malco - Phonettes - North Mississippi Allstars

Katie Malco has a brand new single entitled 'Creatures' where the singer-songwriter ups the energy levels with this lyrically personal track that nonetheless rocks away with passion.

If algorithms are your thing then Phonettes latest 'Algorithim Love' might appeal mathematically, for the rest of us Daan Hofman just gets on with sharing a tender and vocally beautiful and quite addictive song.

It's an absolute pleasure to share another track from the North Mississippi Allstars this time we have 'Mean Old World' which features Jason Isbell and Duane Betts, on this bluesy and roots fuelled rocker.

Katie Malco - Creatures.

Rising singer-songwriter Katie Malco shares her brand new single ‘Creatures’, alongside the news that the artist has signed to US label 6131 Records (Julien Baker, Touché Amoré, Self Defense Family). Malco tours from Thursday 12th September, including app…

Adam & Elvis (Premiere) - Steve Hewitt - The Golden Dregs

It's with pleasure for Beehive Candy to premiere the brand new single for Adam & Elvis namely 'Dr Bad Touch'. We've featured the band a few times in the past and it's fascinating to see how their music has developed. With the latest song we have something of a musical extravaganza, the dark humour, the slow pulsating rhythm and the anthem like chorus line all fuse together beautifully, catch them live if you can.

Steve Hewitt shares 'Pieces' a sophisticated modern folk piece which includes the complemetary vocal harmonies from country trio Orfila, add in the charming video and this song does indeed stand out.

The Golden Dregs have released 'Clarksdale MS' as a tatse of what to expect from their soon to be released 'Hope is for the Hopeless' album. The distinctive vocals and refined musical backdrop are splendid on this bluesy and relaxed song.

Adam …

Merival - Arsun - Catherine MacLellan

We featured Merival a couple of times earlier this year and now we have her new music video for 'Sinner'. The atmospheric and gently melodic song is partnered by an equally inspired film, Merival's singer-songwriter abilities are really something special.

Whats in a voice? Well with Arsun I would suggest a considerable amount, as is witnessed with 'Dead Sixty-Six', where the maturity is a little like oak aged bourbon whisky, Cat Power had better be on top form with this artist as the support act!

Catherine MacLellan returns here for a second time this year, with two natural folk gems entitled 'Come Back In' and 'The Tempest'. They are both from her forthcoming 'Coyote' album due in October, and from what we have heard so far, it's going to be rather special to say the least.

Merival - Sinner.

Toronto-based singer-songwriter, Merival - the moniker for…

The Rightly So - Tuvaband - Ora The Molecule - Marinho

The Rightly So have just released 'Vandura' an album comprising of eleven songs where the duo explore a variety of folk and Americana styles. It's a refreshing collection of material, your never quite sure where the next track will take you, be assured this really is a refined and captivating collection of songs, a must for modern folk and all things Americana fans.

From Tuvaband we have a new music video for 'I Entered The Void'. The song is highly creative and I would suggest quite mesmerising. The cinematic video complements the piece and Tuva Hellum Marschhäuseris is most definitely on our one to watch out for radar.

Ora The Molecule have shared 'When Earth Took A Breath' accompanied by a fascinating video that works so well with this majestic alt pop song.

If you fancy going for a night drive then Marinho has a music video for 'Freckles' that's also just for you. Actually it's well matched to the songs lyrics and her folk rock style is …

Maddee - Leon Rosen - Vinyl Staircase - Tallies - The ROAMies - Moon Panda - Breichiau Hir

Just four weeks on from sharing 'Clouds' Toronto based Maddee returns with 'Dry' another song taken from her forthcoming debut E.P 'Red Mind'. Her soulful vocals are smooth, intimate yet powerful when required and the musical arrangement really is splendid.

Leon Rosen shares his debut single entitled 'Summers Edge' described as an end of summer piece the vocals exude heartfelt emotion and are gorgeously distinct as they hold centre stage on this song.

Dorking (England) quartet Vinyl Staircase have a new video for 'Sidewalk!' a feisty and potent song where the bands influences inspire rather than dominate. I had some friends from Dorking many (OK many many) years ago, so a little added reminiscing for me, but the song is a fine one.

We are back to Toronto again, this time for Tallies and a 360 degree video for 'Midnight'. It's a rich indie pop song and I'm pleased that they referenced The Sundays and Cocteau Twins in their promo, t…