Les Flâneur - The Sonder Bombs - Imogen Mahdavi

Les Flâneur brand new album 'A Long Season' is simply breathtaking. Comprising of eight rich and creative songs featuring a variety of guest vocalists this really is impressive, touching and engaging music that will appeal to a wide range of music lovers, as it takes us from dream pop moments, through to more dramatic pieces ===== The Sonder Bombs return just a month since we shared 'What Are Friends For?' with another new single entitled 'Crying Is Cool' where the melodic hooks are again everywhere on this refined alt rocker. ===== London-based singer-songwriter Imogen Mahdavi has just released 'Some Things Are Best Over Said' a song that showcases her distinctive falsetto vocals wonderfully, this is one highly addictive track.=================================================== Les Flâneur - A Long Season (Album). Five years of working, three languages, artists from many different countries, and even Continents. So this album was born, not out of ambiti…

Call Me Spinster - Lorraine Nash - She's Got Spies - Partner - Ana Mae

Call Me Spinster shared 'Here You Are' this week and it's a refreshing mixture of sixties girl group pop, fabulous vocals and harmonies with a splendid accompanying video. ===== From Ireland we have Lorraine Nash who today releases 'River'. Lorraine's notable vocals exude a classic folk style whilst retaining a fresh contemporary feel and the musical backdrop is just right. ===== She's Got Spies released 'Super Sniffer Dogs' a couple of days back and it's originality and catchy nature is just so addictive. ===== Partner share their feisty indie rocker and fourth single 'Honey' taken from their next album 'Partner's Never Give Up' due next month. ===== We don't know much about Ana Mae beyond the fact that today she has released the beautiful and dreamy 'That I Would Do' it's one of those short, sweet and just plain wonderful "play me again tunes".=================================================== Call…

Kacy + Clayton and Marlon Williams - Yawn - Michael Bernard Fitzgerald

Kacy + Clayton and Marlon Williams have shared the beautiful song 'I Wonder Why'. Kacy and Clayton have been featured a few times before on Beehive Candy and this new collaboration with Marlon Williams is gorgeous and a foretaste of their 'Plastic Bouquet' album due in December. ===== Yawn has just released 'Wasting Time' and it's a dreamy, melodic and atmospheric song delivered in a heartfelt and genuine manner. ===== Michael Bernard Fitzgerald is a talented and respected folk and singer songwriter artist and his latest song 'Heart Of It' is wonderfully arranged, with his personable vocals packing real feeling.
=================================================== Kacy + Clayton and Marlon Williams - I Wonder Why.Kacy & Clayton and Marlon Williams are set to release their debut collaboration Plastic Bouquet on December 11th, 2020 via New West Records. The 11-song set was produced by Kacy Lee Anderson & Marlon Williams and was recorded in Saska…

Promise And The Monster - The Yorks - Strawberry Pills - Janita - WA Wa Punx

Promise And The Monster latest song 'Closed My Eyes' is a good example of why Billie Lindahl under that moniker has received so much recognition, this is a beautifully crafted track. ===== Yesterday The Yorks released the exquisite song 'Many Things' where fabulous vocals and a gentle backdrop make this dream pop song so special. ===== From Athens Greece we have the duo Strawberry Pills and their distinctive new single 'Porcelain Face' where Gothic vibes are found alongside a post punk kind of soundtrack. ===== Janita has shared 'Not What You're Used To' along with a video, the song is a moody rock ballad that digs it's hooks in deep. ===== WA Wa Punx have shared a video for 'Danny Sucks At Video Games' ahead of it's November release, both video and song are wonderful with some classic rock and roll feeling and just a little punk edge.
=================================================== Promise And The Monster - Closed My Eyes.Having …

The Luxembourg Signal - Rosie Carney - Terra Lightfoot

The Luxembourg Signal are back with two new singles 'Mourning Moon' and 'The Morning After' ahead of their new album 'The Long Now' due out this coming Friday. Mixing dream pop and indie rock these two tracks suggest the album as a whole will pack plenty of creative and varied material. ===== Rosie Carney is one of the most (deservedly) featured artists we have on Beehive Candy and her new version of Radiohead's song 'Bones' is taken from her lockdown rendition of Radiohead’s seminal mental health album 'The Bends' due in December. ===== Terra Lightfoot makes her seventh appearance here with the new song and video for 'Consider the Speed' and it's yet another hook filled and melodic rocker.
=================================================== The Luxembourg Signal - Mourning Moon / The Morning After.

Dreampop and shoegaze indie super group The Luxembourg Signal dropping two new singles this afternoon with "Morning After" a…

The Bats - Elthia - Kindsight

Long standing New Zealand indie band The Bats are back just four weeks after they shared 'Another Door' with the final single a beautiful, mellow and moving piece called 'Gone To Ground' taken from their upcoming 'Foothills' album due next month. ===== Elthia is a singer-songwriter based in Los Angeles who has just released 'i love you, but you make me cry'. Her defined and pleasing vocals give the track distinction, with the melody and rhythms adding even more hooks. ===== Kindsight are a new band from the Copenhagen indie scene who this week share their second single 'Terminal Daze', which is an original, melodic and refreshingly catchy track. 
=================================================== The Bats - Gone To Ground.The Bats have unveiled their final single ‘Gone To Ground’ from upcoming album Foothills — out November 13th via Flying Nun Records.

‘Gone To Ground’ is a moving, moody song from the never-ending pen of Robert Scott and sees the…

Ida Mae - Soë Blue - The Silverbeets - Will Powers

Ida Mae released 'Raining For You' this week and the Americana duo really do serve up something special, the vocals are creative in themselves and glide over a wonderful acoustic backdrop. ===== Soë Blue appeared on Beehive Candy back in April with her debut single 'Karma' and we are pleased to share today's release 'Totally Confused' which is a funky, soulful and beautiful song. ===== For The Silverbeets we only have to go back three weeks for their last feature and now we have the brand new track 'Girlfriend' which takes their indie art rock into a rhythmic and slightly psychedelic direction. ===== Will Powers (the brainchild of songwriter/multi-instrumentalist/producer Oli Palkovits) today shares 'Woven and Shattered' and it's a fabulously layered rocker with notable vocals and bags of hooks.=================================================== Ida Mae - Raining For You.The Americana duo Ida Mae have released "Raining For You,"…

Judson Claiborne - Hermitess - Keegan Powell

Judson Claiborne have just released 'The Trimmergrant' along with a video, the song itself is strangely addictive and highly original, bet you have to give it atleast a second listen. ===== Hermitess returns with a new four song E.P entitled 'Celestial'. We featured 'Followers' from her last E.P back in June and this new collection is most welcome from this very talented artist. ===== Keegan Powell latest song 'Rock N Roll Kind Of Night' has already recieved considerable attention, that's not overly surprising as he delivers a timeless rocker with some melodic psych vibes.=================================================== Judson Claiborne - The Trimmergrant.

Judson Claiborne, the Chicago-based project and a moniker for ex-Low Skies frontman, Christopher Salveter has this week shared his new single, "The Trimmergrant" via La Société Expéditionnaire (Strand of Oaks, Daniel Knox).
"The Trimmergrant"t' is a track that exposes the s…

Sun June - Randell Bramblett - Flor and the Sea

Sun June share a new music video for 'Karen O' along with announcing their new album 'Somewhere' due next February. Karen O is a seductive, dreamy indie rock song with plenty of atmosphere. ===== Randell Bramblett has a forty year musical career and has worked with a good number of rock and blues finest artists. With a new album due next month he gives us a stylish yet natural rocker in the form of 'Rocket To Nowhere' to mull over ahead of the release. ===== Flor and the Sea recently shared a video for 'A Candid Lie' and it's a sumptuous indie, electro song that is gorgeously arranged.=================================================== Sun June - Karen O.

Austin indie-pop 5-piece Sun June have announced their new album Somewhere with a music video for "Karen O." The album will be released February 5, 2021 via Keeled Scales and Run For Cover.

Somewhere is Sun June at their most decadent, a richly diverse album which sees them exploring bright …