Eli Raybon - The School Book Depository - Far Caspian

Eli Raybon first appeared with us back in March when we commented on his "sci-fi weirdo auteur" description, however as 'Primitive Man' demonstrates he is also a really fine songwriter and performer. His sci-fi concept album, Supertoys, is due out July 12th, and it's packed with some superb material, it's well worth checking out when you get the chance.

We featured The School Book Depository a couple of times back in 2017 and now we have the new song 'The Trail', where once again the vocals of Fredrik Solfors are so engaging as is the whole atmospheric smooth rock vibe running through this piece.

Having already featured 'Astoria' and 'A Dream Of You' from Far Caspian's brand new E.P. 'The Heights' it's good to be able to include the full collection from this excellent Leeds (UK) trio, in fact this makes it appearance number six on Beehive Candy, clearly they are doing something we really like, how about you?

Brother Son - Toby Johnson - Winter Wilson with Fairport Convention - Caracol

Brother Son have a rather distinct brand of Indie Rock partly garnered by their musical influences, however nothing can take away how they have developed some superb songs, where as mentioned in their press release, blues, soul and even jazz styles manifest themselves. As for the new album 'Goodies' I have to say, this is a very fine collection of music (streaming in full below).

From Toby Johnson we have 'Isla' the first of four songs from his forthcoming E.P. It's a fine modern folk song, the musical backdrop is restrained, the vocals just right for the genre, and the overall production exudes quality.

If you dig further back in time on Beehive Candy you will see plenty of evidence for our love of live music and also Sandy Denny. Early in 2018 we featured Winter Wilson a couple of times, and their return with a live album full of original songs from the pair, along with a gorgeous cover version of Sandy Denny's 'It'll Take a Long Time' (performed …

mimi bay - Hanna Barakat - Corniglia

With songs as good as 'Really' it's hardly surprising that mimi bay has already gained considerable attention, her Bedroom Pop is smooth, dreamy and beautifully arranged.

Just four weeks ago we featured Hanna Barakat and the song 'Damage Done'. Swiftly following on from that we have 'Leave Your Light On' a song that really showcases the power and splendour of her vocals, ahead of August's album release entitled 'Siren'.

It's been a while since we last featured Perth, Australia's Corniglia whose music has evolved into a resplendent mixture of shoegaze, psych rock and darker dream pop, with the new song 'A Lost Forgotten Dream' also demonstrating the quality attached to all of that.

mimi bay - Really.

Hailing from Gothenburg, Sweden, 18-year-old Bedroom Pop artist, Mimi Bergman is set for bigger things. From a …

Thandii - Team Me - Julia Rakel - Grace Gillespie

Less than a month since we featured 'Honey' by Thandii they return with 'Tides' where the driving bass line and assortment of sounds blends beautifully with the gorgeous soaring vocals.

Team Me also return for a second time, back in April we shared 'The Future In Your Eyes' and now we have 'Does Anyone Know How To Get To The Heart Of This' a splendid enough song title and equally splendid indie piece the bands knack for creating rousing catchy tunes continues.

We featured Julia Rakel a couple of times back in March and now we have 'Summer Hit' another creative and melodic song where her fabulous vocals and wonderful musical arrangement work wonders.

Finally and pretty much a month to the day since we first featured her, Grace Gillespie has shared the new song 'My Love Surreal', a hook filled pop piece that is just a little off kilter making the track even more engaging.

Dive Bell - The Goa Express - Honey Moon - Oh, Rose - Late TV

From Sydney, Australia we have Dive Bell and a video for the song 'Lupine', a rich and unique sounding track where somewhat ethereal vocals are joined by a disparate musical arrangement yet they work beautifully together.

The Goa Express have shared 'The Day' an energised indie rocker where the vocals are enthused and the band tight and feisty.

It's our third feature for Honey Moon as once again the London jangle pop outfit impress us, this time with 'Magic' a timeless pop piece that is rammed full of hooks.

Oh, Rose new album 'While My Father Sleep' opens with '25, Alive' accompanied with a video, the song is a loose rocker, Rose's vocals ebb and flow with charm and feeling, it's a fine teaser for what's to follow.

We have 'I Gotta Pay' from Late TV another band making their third appearance here, in fact we have two versions studio and live to checkout, both are really fine as the band take us in another direction that is…

Erin Durant - Catacomb Saints - Michael Paul Lawson - Keøma - Glass Mountain - Chapell

Erin Durant has just shared her fourth and final single from the forthcoming album 'Islands'. Her appealing and gentle vocals glide above a restrained yet detailed musical canvas, 'Islands' should be good.

'Bankquilizer' from Catacomb Saints is atmospheric and simmers with restrained power, the mixture of post punk and sonic exploration both musically and vocally gives this song some rotatable edge.

Michael Paul Lawson has released the song 'Memories And Throttle' a refined singer songwriter piece his vocals are perfect for folk orientated music as they convey emotion and earnest feeling.

We first featured Keøma in April this year and they return with 'Young' accompanied by a video, their fresh and extremely catchy music once again proving hard to resist.

'Autumn Jam' by Glass Mountainis a hook laden indie rocker, the bands natural delivery and level of distinct overall sound, helps them stand out in what is a crowded music genre.

The over…

Dana Crowe - Eckhardt And The House feat. Bella Hay - NKOS

Dana Crowe's new single 'Not Broken' mixes genres (a little country, a little rock etc) yet has a distinct and very pleasing vibe, where her resplendent vocals are backed by a skilled and well arranged band.

Eckhardt And The House feat. Bella Hay serve up some bright rhythmic indie music with 'Lonely' one of those songs that will make those who cannot dance (like me) at least enjoy tapping their feet.

'Little Miss Numb' by NKOS is their debut single on Beatbuzz Records, it's a lush synth driven piece with some dreamy vocals vying with a somewhat darker musical feel and it works splendidly. 

Dana Crowe - Not Broken.

Dana Crowe is ready to deliver her latest single Not Broken. A striking song of confidence and durability, it’s driving classicism is set to carry you to the highway interchange of hope and hardiness.

‘The song has a resi…

Magnetic Skies - Leem Of Earth - Ludwig Hart - Kuri

Our third feature this year for Magnetic Skies as their 80's influenced synth pop music continues to shine, this time with 'Hold On' a song with a vibrant upbeat feel and hooks galore.

'Chapter Three' completes a trilogy of EPs from Florida based band Leem of Earth and as we've covered the first two it makes sense to include a song from this one, especially as it's another really fine track entitled 'Wishing Well'.

Ludwig Hart has just released the song 'Rivers, Lakes & Hills' the Swedish artist has a distinct and fabulous voice, and pens some beautiful music as is witnessed with this refined piece.

Kuri describes himself as "an observer" he is without doubt also a very talented musician, songwriter and creative mind. The new album 'No Village' is streaming in full below, it exudes creativity, heart and quality.