Imperial Daze - Silent Forum - Natalie Bouloudis - West Wickhams - M Ward - Oliver James - Thom Sawyr - Teeniest - Sam Weber

Imperial Daze have released 'Centerpole'. We have featured the band a couple of times this year and the latest song reinforces just how talented these indie rockers are. === Silent Forum have a brand new album entitled 'Everything Solved At Once'. Having featured the band a few times I have to say the album lives up to expectations, with the band keeping the interest and intrigue rolling throughout. === Another artist who has been on our radar for sometime isNatalie Bouloudis who today shares 'Outlaster' a moody, atmospheric and addictive song. === West Wickhams today release 'He's Acquired A New Face' the a side of two impressive, distinct and hook filled songs. === With a new album scheduled for April next year M. Ward creates anticipation with the first taste entitled 'Migration Of Souls'. === Comprising of four songs Oliver James has released 'The Hardest Part' an E.P that takes in folk, indie rock, psych and mixes it all up beau…

Emma Charles - Phonettes - Weed & Dolphins

Emma Charles returns with a new single 'You' not that many weeks after we featured her last release 'Vertigo'. Once again her vocals are sensitive and heartfelt on this melodic and dreamy track. === We have already shared three songs from the new E.P. by Phonettes now we have the full collection as 'Algorithm Love' is set for release this Friday. === Weed & Dolphins is about to release 'High' a powerful and feisty alt rocker with plenty of rock and roll hooks along the way.

Emma Charles - You.

Los Angeles-based folk-pop singer/songwriter Emma Charles has reteamed with longtime producer/collaborator Doug Schadt (Shaed, Maggie Rogers) on her new single, their fourth together, “You.”  With themes of love, companionship and gratitude at the fore, Charles creates a gorgeously evocative vibe with an acoustic guitar and piano--based track with electronic flourishes th…

Julia Jonas - Umbrella Assassins

Julia Jonas returns with 'Air' following the song 'Lift You High' which we featured around two weeks ago. Once again her beautifully crafted indie pop is both melodic and quite captivating. === Umbrella Assassins have a new single out this coming Friday entitled 'Dads Song' accompanied by this wonderful video from the masters of shed-punk.

Julia Jonas - Air.

Sweden based artist and producer Julia Jonas has released new EP Air, which sees her sharing her honest and at times challenging life experiences.

Julia was born in Cape Town but grew up in Stockholm, Sweden. Having spent years of her childhood in a conflict-ridden country, later followed by the challenges of adapting to a society with little resemblance to her roots, music became her way of expressing herself and she started exploring and experimenting with sounds in her basement home studio as a means of escape.


Zoe Konez and Antonio Lulic - Lake Jons - Philip Brooks

Zoe Konez and Antonio Lulic have shared 'Echo' a gorgeous alt pop song with beautifully harmonised dual vocals and a sweeping musical arrangement. === Lake Jons return for a fourth time on Beehive Candy with 'Human'. Last month we shared the track 'Simone' also taken from their brand new album 'The Coast', as the Finish folktronica duo continue to really impress. === We have the debut E.P from Philip Brooks entitled 'Half alive in a dream' which comprises of singles released this year where dream pop reigns supreme.

Zoe Konez and Antonio Lulic - Echo.

Singer-songwriters Zoe Konez and Antonio Lulic combine on the rousing alternative-pop anthem “Echo”. Drawing on influences from Zoe’s indie background and Antonio’s stadium-filling pop tones, it’s an epic piece of pop-fusion that details a longing for adventure at the expense of personal relationships.

A comi…

Night Flight - Tokyo Tea Room - The Broken Islands - Plaza

Night Flight new single 'David' precedes a new E.P due next February. We featured the band a couple of times last year and the newest track sees the band in thoughtful mode with this tender and beautiful track. === Tokyo Tea Room just released their 'Dream Room' E.P. We have already shared a couple of tracks from it and been very impressed with their psych pop creations, the final two songs are equally refined. === With a rhythmic opening 'Highlife' fromThe Broken Islands gently builds with melodic vocals before the band unleash a powerful and expansive post rock feel, on this sub six minute feast. === Last month we featured the song 'See' by Plaza as a taster for the new E.P wernotplaza ll. Now with all four songs we find that the quartet are not tied to any one style, indeed they are quite open with their influences and whats more they have served up a very fine collection of songs.

Meres - Sunny Gable - Yazymyn Hendrix - Smoke Fairies - The Big Peach

I realise that today we have more Spotify embeds than usual, so apologies if you don't use their service, this really is just a coincidence. Meres new single 'Cut' is a straight down the line rocker with punchy guitars and her totally rock & roll vocals. === Sunny Gable today releases 'Audience Of One' an album with traditional Americana vibes running throughout, her vocals adding real personal feeling to some beautifully arranged songs, and we have included a video for a solo performance of the opening song. === We have the new single 'Be Me' from Yazymyn Hendrix along with a video for a live looping performance of another song 'Better Days'. The single is melodic, soulful and creative and the live video is both fun and impressive. === A new video from Smoke Fairies was released today entitled 'Disconnect' the duo carve out a distinct alt rock sound with plenty of hooks along the way. === The Big Peach have just shared 'Run and Hide…

Chelsea Rose - Sofia Härdig - Certain Animals

Chelsea Rose has released 'Minha Velha Amiga' accompanied by a video. I was trying to come up with an expression that captures the song and the best I can do is bossa nova dream pop, whatever this is gorgeous. === Our third song feature from Sofia Härdig's new album 'This Big Hush' is the new single 'Sucking The Flowers'. Another feisty rocker and one of nine songs on the album Sofia has served up some really fine rock and roll across the album. === Rotterdam'sCertain Animals were first featured on Beehive Candy last month and now we have another new song entitled 'Automaton' where this talented trio deliver another refined alt rocker that builds into a highly notable piece.

Chelsea Rose - Minha Velha Amiga.

Chelsea Rose is a songstress and sorceress of the arts. Channeling through guitar, songwriting and visual arts, she shines an honest light on human tru…

MÊL - Black Fly - Zinnia - oh!no?ok.

MÊL (pronounced Male) is set to release 'Mêl I Gyd' this coming Friday. Sung in his native Welsh language this is an appealing song that mixes folk and indie rock sensibilities together with a fresh yet quite personal feel to it. === Black Fly has released 'Green' accompanied by a video, the song immediately resonates with the striking vocals and vibrant electronic musical backdrop. === We have already shared 'Bullets' and 'Requim' by Zinnia this year and now we have 'Yellowstone' from her debut album where the art pop artist is once again exuding originality and beauty. === oh!no?ok. have shared their feisty 'Saw Her First' alt rocker a song that has a little bit of attitude alongside plenty of good old rock and roll hooks.

MÊL - Mêl I Gyd.

MÊL is the long awaited new musical project by the voice of mythical Dyffryn Conwy psych, garage folk band ‘…