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Down Under Double: Self Talk - Mellie

Self Talk - Hypocrite. Background promo - Freshly forged by members of Melbourne's finest including Ceres and Skyways are Highways, buzzy rockers Self Talk are set to drop their brand new single 'Hypocrite'; a bonafide pop-punk anthem. Having spent 2015 writing and evolving their own unique sound, the band released their first two singles to fantastic critique, as well as developing their live-legs supporting punk legends such as Luca Brasi, Ceres and Endless Heights. Grabbing 2016 by the horns, ST took to the studio with acclaimed producer Aaron Dobos (British India, Slow Turismo) to track their debut EP 'Seeing What I Want to See' a bright and punchy yet vulnerable and sensitive record. The first taste of this comes in 'Hypocrite', catchy as hell and buzzing with energy, the song also has a darker edge woven in via the lyrics. Inspired by the internal struggle experienced at the end of a difficult relationship, lead singer Stacey reflects upon being