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Skyler Cocco - Callum Pickard - The Karpinka Brothers

Skyler Cocco - Parasite. Background - On her debut album Reverie, Skyler Cocco blends her distinctive sound of effortless and soaring melodies with fuzzy and hook laden guitars in her own unique style of grunge pop.  Documenting her formative years of loss, grief, and maturation, Reverie became Skyler's journal and process of growth and healing.  In writing and recording her debut album Reverie, Skyler found her own voice as it became a portrait of her struggles with the loss of her father, depression and anxiety, and developed the maturity and skills to cope and share her experiences.  The early released singles, "Some Nerve" and "Ordinary Life", solidified her sound with a hybrid of alt-rock, grunge, pop, and electronic elements and dream-like soundscapes and soaring melodies that Pop Matters described as "a unique pop sensibility to heavy, guitar-based rock". Website here , Facebook here .  Photo - Joe Carrotta. Grunge pop is something of