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Cosmic Strip - La Lusid - Mark Sultan

Cosmic Strip - Sugar Rush. Background - Dreamy shoegazers Cosmic Strip share their latest irresistible dose of psychedelia in new single Sugar Rush, taken from the band’s debut EP Heavenly out now. Marshalled by supremely talented frontwoman Camella Agabalyan, the London outfit have already attracted a ton of praise with widespread acclaim throughout the online community and encouraging festival displays at the likes of The Great Escape, Citadel and Wilderness. “I wanted to write a song about the feeling of addiction whether it’s sugar, love, a drug, whatever your vice is”, Camella stated. “I personally really connect to dreamy, druggy songs like Air, My Bloody Valentine, Beach Fossils, Slowdive, The Jesus & The Mary Chain etc so I wanted to inspire myself from that feeling but also show the darker side of addiction that you might not always get from those types of songs”. TWITTER . Opening layer by layer with some gorgeous and refined guitar work 'Sugar Rush' builds

La Lusid - The Joy Formidable - Run Maggie Run

La Lusid - Safe & Sound. Background - La Lusid is the Stockholm based up and coming band that will release their first album in the fall of 2018 that will follow last years well received EP ”Legend”. Together they play indiepop music with beautiful melodies and dynamic vocal arrangements. ”Safe & sound” is the third single from the upcoming album. It's filled with 60 & 70's influences and is the perfect indiepop ballad that will make you truly excited to hear more from La lusid. La Lusid are Paulina Palmgren, Fabian Ballago, Samuel Collmar, Karl Hovmark, Johan Nilsson, WEBSITE . Our first feature for La Lusid was just a few weeks ago when we shared 'Empty Bones' a song that we described as "An easy going indie song, the vocals come across as personal and are melodic and engaging." Clearly the band have a knack for creating refined indie pop music as the latest share 'Safe & Sound' confirms, with it's gentle and melodic ball

La Lusid - D.A. Stern - Post Louis

La Lusid - Empty Bones. Background - La Lusid is back with a new single called "Empty Bones". Warm, melancholic and dynamic, it’s impossible not to get drawn into their dreamy soundscape. With a sound that is reminiscent of what we love most about 60’s and 70’s analogue music, La Lusid presents themselves with high quality songwriting and sublime vocal arrangements. WEBSITE , FACEBOOK . I am afraid we are a bit thin on the ground when it comes to background information regarding La Lusid, the above few words are all we have received and a dig around on their website etc didn't yield much more. Anyhow it's the music that really matters and 'Empty Bones' certainly deserves some attention. An easy going indie song, the vocals come across as personal and are melodic and engaging. The music is delivered to a very high standard, seemingly unassuming and yet you know a considerable amount of  attention has taken place!  ----------------------------------