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Mary Hennessy - Photo Ops - The Pearl Harts - ROWSIE

Mary Hennessy - Teeth. Teeth is a fabulous new song where a smooth flowing indie soundtrack is the perfect backdrop for Mary's melodic and distinctive vocals that glide and dance above. Mary Hennessy is a 24-year-old, Liverpool based singer-songwriter, who has been releasing music since 2018. Her debut album came out during June of 2020. Mary released her single Rollerblade on Friday 3rd March, as the first of three singles in anticipation for her new album. For the past three years now, she has been making her second, long-awaited follow up album ‘Feels Like’ which drops Friday 5th May. Mary has an atmospheric nature to her music, which is guided by her delicate vocals that deal with all thing’s life in her lyricism. “I wanted Teeth to have a sense of impatience about it, like something was gradually building under the surface that you could no longer ignore. The lyrics don’t directly say how they really feel, but from what they are saying, the situation is not a happy one. So, I