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Kacey Johansing - Jérémie & The Delicious Hounds - LOW-RES

Kacey Johansing - Daffodils. Today Kacey Johansing announces the upcoming release of her new album Year Away. The LA-based songwriter has also shared a new video for “Daffodils,” the first single and a stunning centerpiece to the album, built from a pastiche of looping samples, swirling Mellotron and dazzling vibraphone. Year Away will be released on July 28th via Night Bloom records. An elegiac tribute to someone facing death with grace and curiosity, “Daffodils” finds Johansing confronting own mortality by observing the brief lifespan of a flower. “Keep your heart open wide, you never know your time / Keep your heart wild, true flower child”, Johansing sings as she says goodbye to an elder, while the band reaches a grief-stricken crescendo of woodwinds and chiming bells. Johansing writes, “Daffodils are one of the first flowers to bloom as the earth begins to thaw, coming even before spring and often emerging from the snow. The vibrant yellow is a sign that a seasonal shift is on th

WAAX - Kacey Johansing - Lisa Marie Ellingsen - Mira Aasma - Us and Us Only - Midday Swim - Everything Turned To Color

WAAX - Wild & Weak. Background - Vibe-punks WAAX continue their unstoppable momentum, announcing the release of emotional new single 'Wild & Weak', an impressive new five track EP and their biggest headline tour yet. Exploring the 'internal' for the first time, singer-songwriter Marie De Vita says the band's Wild & Weak EP (out June 2) is the result of an intrinsically cathartic process. "Our first EP was a lot more external - so, it felt like the next evolutive step to explore my inner workings and coincidentally a timely post-traumatic deep-hole started forming within me. These songs are a step by step documentation of what I went through - the steps of finding peace with my past," she says. Those steps, they're all there. Step 1. The Denial ('Wild & Weak') Step 2. The Disorientation ('This Everything') Step 3. The Pattern ('Same Same') Step 4. The Discussion '(Nothing Is Always') Step 5. Th

Those Lavender Whales - Kacey Johansing - 23rd Hour - The Weeks - Heavy Suns

Those Lavender Whales - Lose My Mind. Background - Columbia, South Carolina indie/psych pop band Those Lavender Whales, are releasing their sophomore record ‘My Bones Are Singing’ via SC label Fork & Spoon 4/7/2016. Written around singer Aaron Graves’ struggle with a rare, life threatening brain tumor in 2014, the tracks on My Bones Are Singing are existential, intricate pop songs that highlight spirituality, growth, family, and hope.  Throughout the record, in the darkest spots and the brightest moments, though, Graves sticks to the central motif of his oeuvre as Those Lavender Whales, which he started in his college dorm room at the turn of the millennium: striving to be a better person. “I know it really hurts to grow,” Graves concedes on “Open Up,” before offering, “I know you’re taking us through rougher weather.” My Bones Are Singing marks a considerable growth for Those Lavender Whales, too. Recorded with Chaz Bundick (Toro Y Moi) in Berkeley, California, and at Grave