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Lee Rogers - Buzzard Buzzard Buzzard - Fellow Hollow - CocoRosie feat: Irina Anufrieva

Lee Rogers is a Belfast based singer songwriter and his brand new song 'Haunted' really is a standout track. Lee's vocals immediately resonate with plenty of emotion and raw power, on this powerful folk rocker. ===== Welsh band Buzzard Buzzard Buzzard just released '30,000 Megabucks' whilst announcing a live stream event in December and this feisty alt rock suggests that's going to be a show to watch. ===== Fellow Hollow have created an exquisite new song entitled 'Dog fence weeds' where wonderful vocals and harmonies are matched by a melodic and lovable musical backdrop. ===== CocoRosie have released 'Go Away' featuring Irina Anufrieva today along with a video. Music favorites of ours CocoRosie continue to create and share original and irresistible material and with Irina Anufrieva's contribution this is no exception.  ================================================== Lee Rogers - Haunted. Belfast songwriter Lee Rogers returns with ne