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Endless Forms - Zoe & Cloyd - Jenny Banai

We have three tracks from Endless Forms brand new album 'More Than Candy' with each song exploring differing styles where warm synths, dramatic musical backdrops and refined vocals vie for our attention. === We featured Zoe & Cloyd around a year ago (time flies) and their new song 'Where Do You Stand' is a thoughtful piece with some classic Americana vibes. === Jenny Banai was featured back in February with 'Couch Walker' and her new song 'Intermittent Heart' is another gorgeous and imaginative modern pop affair. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Endless Forms - More Than Candy (Album). Endless Forms have released their third album, More Than Candy. The album is their first since 2017's If There Were Water and follows an appearance of their song "Lungs" on Netflix show Elite. "This is serious listening for the serious-minded music fan," V13 raved in a review

Zoe and Cloyd - Sandtimer - Thin Lear

We have some splendid and totally natural roots music from Zoe and Cloyd, the musicianship is just right and the dual vocals and live feel to the song adds even more character. Sandtimer have just shared 'Dormant' along with a fine video, their indie folk is outstanding and the vocals are wonderful on this addictive song. 'Death In A Field' from Thin Lear (songwriter/producer Matt Longo) is a beautiful piece, where his vocals are just so engaging and the musical arrangement is seemingly pristine. Zoe and Cloyd - Looking Out For You And Me. Roots duo Zoe & Cloyd have released a video for their latest single, “Looking Out For You And Me,” a song that illustrates today's issues of change and how it affects us. It warns against allowing self-interest and short-term gain to take precedence over the well-being of future generations. Husband and wife artists Zoe (Natalya Weinstein) and Cloyd (John Miller) blend their long-crafted folk harmonies with fellow ban