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Alternative Take: I Wish I Was a Fish - Hundreds - Of Gentlemen & Cowards - Ex Reyes - Daphne Willis

I Wish I Was a Fish - Follow. Background promo - Four intense and crazy days in San Fransisco - that was all it took for Stockholm based artist I Wish I Was A Fish, or songwriter/multiinstrumentalist Frida Teresia Svensson, to finish what is going to be released as her debut EP. The solo project, which started out from an everlasting curiousity towards learning new instruments and finding out what they can do with the songs, finally transformed into shape when Frida met producer Elliott Peltzman during a trip to San Fransisco. Pretty soon after their first creative meeting Frida found herself working in Elliot's studio with a vision to create something where an acoustic live vibe meets an electronic landscape. The material to be heard on the EP; and that is exemplified by new single "Follow", was written while Frida spent an autumn in Berlin. Some of the songs stems from reflections on society, while others are more personal recollections, a way to work through things