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Bleach Day - Sour Widows - David Clayton-Thomas

Bleach Day first appeared here just over a week ago with 'bbs in the grass' and they make a rapid return with another track entitled 'In Limbo' just ahead of this Fridays album release. The psychedelic vibes are laid back and gorgeous. === Sour Widows self titled E.P. is streaming in full below, it's a collection of six songs, where alt rock, slacker pop and lo-fi moments all come together and combine wonderfully. === David Clayton-Thomas has shared 'The Circus' and although he might be an award winning artist with decades of musical success, I just love the circus swirling song with all the sounds of the big top. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Bleach Day - In Limbo. Bleach Day—the Burlington, Vermont-based psychedelic lo-fi pop project led by Louie Kiley and Vinny Marksohn new album, is officially out worldwide this Friday March 6th on Birdwatcher Records, "it's meant to mirror a

Bleach Day - Forever Honey - Villages - Agnes Obel

Bleach Day just released 'bbs in the grass' a song that has a mixture of psychedelic vocal overtones and a creative choice of instrumentation. === Forever Honey share 'Christian' where the gorgeous melodic vocals and harmonies are accompanied by some slick guitar driven pop/rock. === The video for 'Cremation' by Villages enhances the songs story, however it's the mixing of traditional folk storytelling and more modern musical sounds that really does impress and please. === Agnes Obel hardly needs any introduction or support from Beehive Candy however ten years on and she is still testing musical boundaries and with the splendid song 'Camera's Rolling' ensuring that the new album 'Myopia' will get even more attention. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Bleach Day - bbs in the grass. Bleach Day released their second single “bbs in the grass” from their forthcoming album as