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Falcon Jane - Loryn Taggart - Leif Vollebekk - HOPdot

Falcon Jane has shared 'Feelings' just ahead of Friday's album releases 'Faith'. We have already had the pleasure of featuring two songs from the new album and the latest 'Feelings' is another fine reminder of her knack for creating original and lovable music. ===== From Loryn Taggart we have 'The River' where the folk and singer songwriter shares a gently opening and intimate song, the build is gradual, the end is fabulous and in between we are treated to some wonderful vibes. ===== Leif Vollebekk has released a new original song entitled 'Long Blue Light' it's accompanied by a cover of Bon Iver's '29 #Strafford APTS'. We are just sharing 'Long Blue Light' which is a gorgeous piece that just funnels emotion. ===== HOPdot contacted us directly with 'Before We All Go Under'. They are a father and daughter duo and collectively they are simply fabulous as is born out with this gentle, intelligent and beautiful

Falcon Jane - Healthy Junkies

Falcon Jane is back just weeks after sharing 'The Other Moon' this time we have the gorgeous song 'Heaven' with a splendidly matched video. === Healthy Junkies made their first appearance here just three or so weeks ago and return with 'Something In The Way' and although we don't often feature cover versions the band superbly stamp their own mark on this Nirvana song. =================================================== Falcon Jane - Heaven. Ontario-based project Falcon Jane, led by lead singer and songwriter Sara May, are sharing their glistening new single, 'Heaven'. Alongside the new music, which follows the single, 'The Other Moon', Sara is announcing details of her new record, Faith which is due for release via Pittsburgh-based label, Darling Recordings on November 13, 2020. Faith serves as the follow-up to Falcon Jane’s debut album Feelin’ Freaky, which firmly established May’s self-labeled “plez-rock”. Still keeping some of those previo

Linaire - Falcon Jane - Peach Kelli Pop

Linaire shares her beautiful new song 'No Part Of Me Ever Dies' where her vocals glisten above a sublime musical arrangement. We have to go back to 2016 when Anna Atkinson last graced our pages, her new manifestation as Linaire leaves me keenly waiting for more.  === Falcon Jane appeared on Beehive Candy a couple of times in 2018 and we are delighted to feature the new song 'The Other Moon' a melodic and dreamy piece. === Peach Kelli Pop have released 'Cut Me Off' and it's a catchy albeit quite short song that nonetheless digs some refreshing musical hooks in deep. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Linaire - No Part Of Me Ever Dies. Linaire is an album of ten tracks that luxuriate in the deceleration of time and allow for listeners to embrace complicated and conflicting emotions. It is an invitation to acceptance in an atmosphere created by moments both somber and warm. Anna Atkinson’s self-

Falcon Jane - Joshua Burnside - Melby

Falcon Jane - The News. Background - Grief is so complicated. It fills you with unanswerable questions, fear, sadness, and incomparable emptiness – but it is also about moving on and healing. There has been a lot of loss in the Canadian news lately, nationwide, and in my own community. “The News” is about losing someone you love and trying to find them amidst the dense, emotional fog of grief. I hope it can help aid those who are grieving by reflecting some of the complicated emotions we are feeling. There have been severe floods in my community over the last year. One of the last ones swelled the Grand River, washing a little boy out of his mother’s arms. I was so deeply affected when I heard about it – my partner and I had driven through the area where it happened only hours before. There are a lot of commonalities between “The News” and this boy’s story. When the next flood hit, I couldn’t help but try to capture some of what my community and I had been collectively feeling. Wat

The Scaners - Falcon Jane - VOWWS - Wild Meadows

The Scaners - No Place In Space. Background - France’s “alien-gonzo-synth-punk rockers”, The Scaners, are ready to take off with their eponymous debut LP with the first single “No Place In Space” which takes the listener through a darker, slower wave that Louder Than War Magazine describes as “a swirlingly mesmeric menace of guttural growls backing a looming snarl over a dark driving rhythm.” “This song is a special song for us because we wrote and recorded two different versions” says singer and organist Pav Scaner. “On the LP it's the ‘slow’ version. It's a kind of lost but happy drifting and swimming in space. A short pop relaxing interlude before the spacecraft starts roaring again. I've made that cheap video clip late by night. Enjoy your flight!" "The Scaners federation starship superstructure is built on the Ramones and Dickies but draws on fourth-dimensional kindred synth-punk spirits like Devo and Suicide, modern acolytes like The Spits and Useless E