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Jefferson Starship - Santa Cruz, 1992 (Internet Archive).

From the Internet Archive this is Jefferson Starship live at The Catalyst, Santa Cruz, USA, back on October 9th, 1992.  Prior to inclusion on the Internet Archive the recording circulated as a bootleg and was originally titled, "Hal's Death by Jefferson Starship #1," it included a phone message and an interview with Papa John and Gretchen Creech, which were removed to ensure there would be no conflict with anyone's permission policies. In 1992, Kantner reestablished the group as "Jefferson Starship – The Next Generation," a nod to the television series Star Trek: The Next Generation. This version of the band would, at times, include various former Jefferson Airplane, Jefferson Starship and Starship members, to tour and perform. After the first couple of years, the band dropped the use of "The Next Generation", and began to perform as Jefferson Starship. The revived band grew out of Paul Kantner’s decision, following the "Unplugged"