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David Wax Museum - Heather Newman - Babe Rainbow

David Wax Museum have released 'Equal In The Darkess' from their fifth album 'Line Of Light. Richly textured music accompanies the exceptional dual vocals giving off a beautiful folk pop vibe with more than a hint of Nashville running through the song. If bluesy natural rock is your thing then Heather Newman is more than worth a listen, as the featured track 'Lonely On Beale' amply demonstrates. Taken from the new album 'Rise From The Flames' it's one of thirteen original songs, that consistently hit the spot. Back in May we first featured Babe Rainbow who return now with 'Many Moons of Love' which is another gorgeous psychedelic pop song where the melody, vocals and harmonies sync perfectly on this very catchy piece. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- David Wax Museum - Equal In The Darkess. David Wax Museum, fronted by David Wax and Suz Slezak, r

Hildur Hoglind - Babe Rainbow - Casii Stephan

Hildur Höglind has shared 'Further Apart' a beautifully crafted electronic song accompanied by her tranquil and melodic vocals. 'Something New' is a gorgeous and refined pop song that just eases into our lives, the band Babe Rainbow share their name with a song by Melanie Safka. Casii Stephan has a new video for her song  'Letters' a feisty and stomping piece that's hard to ignore! Hildur Hoglind - Further Apart. Growing up in a family of musicians in the small village of Johannishus, Sweden, Höglind has gone from gigging in local clubs she was too young to be in at 15, to playing some of the biggest festivals in Sweden. In her new single, her aching, melancholic vocals float over the top of a cavernous backdrop of thunderous bass synths as drum samples tremor and oscillate. Alt-pop artist Hildur Höglind is releasing new single ‘Further Apart’, taken from upcoming EP Take Off. The record has an affecting and emotional sound, with lyrics that are una