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Heads Or Heads - Dolls - Katherine Abbott - Mojo JNR

Heads Or Heads shares a video for 'Lake' the song is beautiful dreamy psych pop and the images add a little extra to the atmosphere. === Dolls share the title track to their much anticipated second E.P 'Eggshells,' the track itself is a fresh sounding and energised indie rocker. === From Katherine Abbott we have 'Lullaby for Lucas' a gentle and tender folk song, from a talented and pleasing artist. === The solo project of Josh David-Read Mojo JNR has a new song called 'Miles Away' which is a really fine mixture of Folk and Bedroom Pop. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Heads Or Heads - Lake. Kansas City-based psych pop producer Heads or Heads has a new video for "Lake," the closing song from his latest record, Low Angles. Filmed by the project's Alex Harbolt (who is also a filmmaker by day), "Lake" is a idyllic snapshot of the lake that inspired the song coupled