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Edie Yvonne - On Your Mind. Up-and-coming indie pop artist Edie Yvonne has released her formidable new single, “On Your Mind,” a groove that showcases the teen’s lyrical power. With an introspective narrative and a melodic arrangement, Edie Yvonne effortlessly takes listeners on a transformative musical experience, unveiling the essence of her emotional state as it intertwines with a loved one. “On Your Mind” is now available to stream and download on all digital music platforms. “On Your Mind” artfully portrays a wide range of sentiments, taking listeners on an emotional rollercoaster. "I wrote 'On Your Mind' after feeling like I couldn’t get through to a loved one,” explains Edie Yvonne offering a heartfelt glimpse into her inner world. “I was questioning how to be close with someone and feel so far away, so disconnected." This upbeat, guitar-driven anthem tells a story that resonates deeply, drawing listeners into her situation and igniting a sense of connection a