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Seasurfer - Chris Williams and Kid Reverie

Seasurfer - Dive in (the alternative Mix EP). This "fan-edition" is only available via Bandcamp and features four alternative mixes of songs from the debut Seasurfer album "Dive In" with singer Dorian E. The album brought Seasurfer worldwide attention in the dreampop and shoegaze scene, and was released by the cult label Saint Marie Records from the US/Texas. The "Winterblume keen K-Mix" was done back in 2014 by producer keen K in Berlin, where Dorian recorded the vocals for Dive In. The other mixes are based on the last Seasurfer live shows with more electronic drums and sounds. In particular, the scene hit "Stay" gets a new, thrilling face here with its new beat machine drums and more electronics. Dirk: "I'm still in love with Dorian's vocals and the wall of sound of Dive In. The album opened a lot of doors and it felt good to play these songs live, also with other singers. But they work better with drums more in the front, the wh