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Vilde - NKOS - Tali Shear - Hannah Scott - Freak Heat Waves

Vilde have just released their new album 'Atopia' which is streaming in full below along with 'Splutter' taken from the collection, a song that makes for a fine indicator of the wonderful quality and beauty that is present throughout the album. === NKOS are carving out a very distinctive and appealing musical style which is reinforced by their new single and video for 'BOW (Brave Old World)'. === Tali Shear shares 'Fool' a song that suggests this young London singer songwriter is capable of producing both natural and intrinsically personal and gorgeous music. === Hannah Scott makes her fourth appearance on Beehive Candy with her brand new song '98' and again she easily meets indeed exceeds expectations with a beautiful and up-building song. === Finally today we have Freak Heat Waves with 'Nothing Lasts Forever' where the Canadian post-punk/electronic duo are enticing, hard to categorize yet gripping and addictive. ---------------

Touch the Buffalo - Vilde - Arkansas Dave

The second single from the forthcoming album by Touch the Buffalo is the title track 'Heart Is For', where the alt rockers deliver a sprightly and beautifully produced song. Vilde returns for a third time this year with another notable song entitled 'Through The Fallopian', the vocals are once again a dominant focal point, however the musical backdrop adds some real depth to the track and the video takes that even further. Arkansas Dave has just shared 'Diamonds' a song drenched in Americana vibes, the gentle pace and heartfelt vocals ensure this soulful track digs deep into our emotions. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Touch the Buffalo - Heart Is For. “Heart is For” is title track, and the second single to be released off of Touch the Buffalo’s upcoming album, “Heart is For”. Band Bio: The DC-Based indie rock band, Touch the Buffalo, is a wild, heart-poun

The Bambi Kills - BRIA - Davina and The Vagabonds - Vilde - WHY? - Skilton Avenue

The Bambi Kills have released 'Sweet Love' a song that fulfils the electro grunge description given to them, and additionally throws in a good few hooks along the way. 'The Strangest Of Lovers' from BRIA mixes alt country and pop sensibilities together with class and style, her refreshing take on country music is splendid, to say the least. Davina and The Vagabonds new song 'Little Miss Moonshine' combine jazz, blues and bar room influences beautifully, this is simply addictive and oh so pleasing. As song titles go 'Oh, What A Mess You’ve Got Yourselves Into' is pretty impressive and Vilde doesn't let us down with the music, there's a hint of Thom Yorke but see that as a positive, this is a fine and genuinely alternative piece. Whilst on the subject of song titles WHY? ups the stakes even further with 'I may come out a broken yolk, I may come out on saddle' a track with just a little They Might Be Giants feel to it, again that

The Last Bees - Another Sky - Sofia - Vilde

The self titled E.P. from The Last Bees comprises of six unashamedly Beatles influenced songs, and what's more each one is a delight to listen to. A couple of days after the music video for 'The Cracks' was put out and Another Sky are already well into the thousands of views, this is a band getting considerable attention for all the right reasons. From Finland we have Sofia and 'Heavy' the title track from her E.P due next week, this smooth and engaging song bodes well for what's to follow. 'Sardines' from Vilde is just so likable, the video adding even more, if this is weird pop, then I am all for plenty of weird pop. The Last Bees - The Last Bees (E.P). Countless bands have cited the Beatles as inspiration, but few have recaptured their early sound with the same attention to detail as The Last Bees. Milwaukee-based Ian Ash grew up soaking up the sounds of Summerfest every year and it wasn’t long before he was a fixture in bands that were grabb