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Wilsen - Linaire - Brooke Annibale - Micra

Wilsen return with their new single 'Align' just ahead of the album 'Ruiner'. We have already shared a couple of tracks from the new collection and the latest again promises that we are in for a real treat. === We have to go back to October 2016 for the last time we featured Anna Atkinson, however she is back with her new project Linaire and the beautiful song 'Feeling' accompanied by her rich sounding Omnichord. === Another artist making her third appearance here is Brooke Annibale with 'I Will'. We don't feature that many cover versions but Brooke really does give this Beatles song her own stamp. === Micra have released 'Chemical Freedom' accompanied by a video, the dream pop duo really have created a gorgeous song (and it's welcome back here for a third time as well!). ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Wilsen - Align. Today, the Brooklyn-based trio Wilsen released a new

Molly Hanmer & The Midnight Tokers - Micra

Molly Hanmer & The Midnight Tokers - Fool's Run (Different Song). Stuck in a Daydream, the debut album from Los Angeles based quartet Molly Hanmer & The Midnight Tokers, might be labeled Americana, and accurately so, but throughout are hints of blues, rock and roll, folk, psychedelia, even Bossa-Nova that makes it a unique sound in its own right. Unlike albums where every track sounds the same, Stuck In A Daydream switches it up, making you stamp your boots on the floorboards and clap along on one track; and weep, pull out your journal and express bottled up feelings on the next. The album is the product of Hanmer teaming with two industry pros who share her musical views, producer Marvin Etzioni (co-founder of Lone Justice) and engineer Sheldon Gomberg, a two-time Grammy winner, along with her talented band, The Midnight Tokers. BANDCAMP . The first track I listened to on the new 'Stuck In A Daydream' album was 'Fool's Run (Different Song)'. It'

Wild Earp & The Free for Alls - Micra - KAYAM - Belle Mare

Wild Earp & The Free for Alls - Killin' Time. Background - Wild Earp & The Free for Alls have released their first full-length, self titled album which is available now on all major streaming sites and digital music stores. The album is a blend of old school country & western, rockabilly, and folk, and the band breathes new energy into a classic sound. Their new release takes you on a road trip across Americana, borrowing liberally from influences that span several decades and thousands of miles.  Listeners might hear hints of Jerry Lee Lewis, June Carter Cash, Loretta Lynn, Dwight Yoakam, and Roger Miller, among other past masters. Wild Earp has been performing old school, new fangled, funky country western rocknrollabilly since 2014. He’s assembled a talented and handsome team of musicians from various musical backgrounds in the Chicago music scene. They tour often all around the country, and can be found every month at the California Clipper. The new album showc