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Good Ones: BANFF x Caitlin Park - Wildlife - Rude Audio - The United Skies - The Jacques

BANFF x Caitlin Park - My Love, My Lover. Background promo - Brisbane singer-songwriter BANFF (aka Benjamin Forbes) and Sydney subtronica artist Caitlin Park have teamed up to release their debut collaborative single ‘My Love, My Lover’ – released Friday, May 20 via London-based singles club 0E0E. Incredible lyricism is the craft of both singer-songwriters, who have together shaped a spacious, soul-drenched indie-pop song. The song tells the story of a disrupted relationship - exploring the dialogue between a confused, apathetic young man with his head in the clouds and his compassionate but at times over-committed girlfriend. But in the end, an all over sense of unity and strength between that pair is revealed, as they realise they would inevitably be OK. BANFF says of the song, “When I was initially writing the track, I kept hearing this dialogue between a girl/boy, talking through their struggles and how they were trying to get onto the same page. Insert Caitlin and we bega