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Aaron Boyd - TREMOURS - Annie Hart - My Name Is Ian - Muca - Lindsay Lou

Aaron Boyd - Coming Undone (Album). This is one really fine album, where every song matters. The background below gives a fine overview of both Aaron Boyd and the collection of new songs, listening just takes everything to another level. Born and raised in Stanton Kentucky, and residing in Irvine Kentucky,  Aaron Boyd is a singer songwriter  that writes from a place only a few with the gift of a second chance can do. Boyds songwriting serves as an honest ledger of accounts that rise from the same rich patch of earth as the minerals found deep in Appalachian soil. With his carefully crafted lyrics and timeless sound, Aaron Boyd’s sophomore album “Coming Undone”, will shake your soul to its foundations. Boyd began pursuing his passion for music and songwriting in earnest after his daughter was born. With new clarity and understanding of priorities, mortality and immortality, he was inspired to take seriously the gifts he no longer wanted to squander. His 2019 debut album, “Until the End