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Monday & Guitars At The Ready: Great Outdoors - Maths And The Moon

Great Outdoors - Dad's Oasis. Background promo - Guitars have been with us for so long now, it's hard to feel refreshed by them, but it still happens from time to time. With the warmth of a technicolour cartoon comes 'Dad's Oasis', the debut release from Great Outdoors. Amidst working on releases with Totally Mild, Full Ugly, Lehmann B Smith and Free Time, productive overachiever Zachary Schneider has used up his spare time to slowly chip away at a solo LP. Since the bands conception in 2011 the group have remained incredibly selfish, with no releases. Dad's Oasis was recorded by engineer/house mate Rhys Corr then mixed at Phaedra Studio's with the masterful John Lee (Lost Animal, Pikelet), the album pokes its head and shoulders above the tarpit of guitar-pop emanating from Melbourne, Australia. Rich refreshing textures swell in your speakers with a mercurial nature. These sounds all brought forth by the width and movement of Lehmann Smith's bass, t