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Common Tongues - Quiet Hollers - Keep Shelly in Athens

Common Tongues - Pioneer. Background - Common Tongues have taken a step in a new direction with their upcoming debut album; with their sound extending towards the experimental, by its presence of electronic instrumentation and powerful song progressions. A new life is given to their powerful indie-folk music. Dancing on the boundary between acoustic and synthetic, Common Tongues  use intricate harmonies, searing violins & bubbling electronics to create absorbing live experiences and records that reveal immersive arrangements and lyrical themes of conflict, decline and rebirth.  Their newest single ‘Pioneer’ from their upcoming debut album 'Divisions', is their gutsiest release yet. Delving into the tradition of intimate singer-songwriting with deeply personal lyrics, Pioneer also reveals a different personality of underlying electronic swells and arpeggios matched by ornate guitar licks. The band explain more about their upcoming album “With Divisions it felt like we