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Midweek Muse: Twilight Fields - Lucina Luchii

Twilight Fields - All the Love I Can. Background - Twilight Fields is from Northern Canada and makes a mixture of atmospheric and psychedelic rock and influences from progressive rock, ambient, dream-pop, psych-folk and shoegaze. "All the Love I Can" was originally conceived as part of a Beach Boys cover ep of the song "All I Wanna Do" from the "Sunflower" album. When I dropped that idea half finished, I decided I still really liked one of the original compositions I had intended to include, "All the Love I Can", which emphasizes the theme of unconditional love of the original song. The production pays homage to the wall of sound production style practised by Brian Wilson and Phil Spector. "False Friend" is an old song redone in an ambient pop style and deals with the subject of betrayal. Facebook here . We are told by Twilight Fields regarding the new song  'All the Love I Can' - "I thought it would be a good way to