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Shayfer James - Haint Blue

Shayfer James new E.P comprises of six extremely engaging tracks. The vocals are superb as Shayfer changes styles with ease and distinction. The music is tight and polished adding to the charismatic nature of this addictive material. Hints of Dr John and Nick Cave are present, not copied just referenced to give some guidance, that said it's a whole lot more than that. We have the video for 'Another Year' from Haint Blue, it's the first of twelve songs on 'Overgrown' which is due for release on February 15th. This is a refined collection of Americana and folk music from a band who produce exquisite musicianship and vocals that are natural and a perfect fit for these genres. Consider the rest of the album as at least as good as the featured song, it really is worth hearing in full. Shayfer James - Hope And A Hand Grenade (E.P). New Jersey's rock/pop-noir artist Shayfer James has just released a new EP titled Hope And A Hand Grenade. A dramatic and div